01 September 2012


The sun has sweetened the blackberries to perfection.  We try to go out every evening and pick several bowls of berries.  The kids hate picking them, I don't blame them at all.  It's become a health hazard!  We have so many scrapes and cuts from the berry brambles.  On this particular evening after I washed the berries and bagged them, I weighed them.  We picked almost 9 pounds!  Right now they go into the freezer.  I am hoping that after the kids start school I will be able to can some jam and berries.
Tonight the girls and I went out and picked a huge bowl of blackberries and I made the most amazing blackberry crisp.  We scooped some vanilla ice cream on it. Oh my!

Even though it's a painful experience, the kids still help out.

The pears are dropping off the tree like crazy.  We keep giving them away and eating a lot!
There are quite a few different kinds of fruit trees, most I don't know what they are.  Just know that they are delicious.  I think these are Asian pears.

We found these hazelnut trees back by the forest.  The squirrels have gotten to most of them.  I was able to get a nice basket load though.

We are going to have plenty of  grapes.

This sounds really corny, but we are enjoying having a place with so much produce.  It's fun to go out everyday and see what Mother Nature has provided.  Everyday there is something new to look at and discover.  The trees are starting to change color already and it's stunning.  Autumn is my favorite season because of all the colors and the cool temperatures.  Being here in Northern Washington is going to be absolutely amazing during the Fall.

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