16 September 2012

Kids first day of school- Fall 2012

Last week the kids started back to school.  Do you even realize the excitement I felt. 
Logan is a Jr. this year.
Anna is a Freshman and goes to the High School with Logan.

 Ella is 6 th grade and Soren 4th.  Olivia is no longer my baby.  She's main stream school.  1st grade!

I'm the kind of Mother who LOVES sending her kids off to school, then cries because I'm lonely.
I get over the lonely real fast though.

We got to pick up Cypress up on the first day.  I made her pretend she was one of my kids.  I think that may of given her nightmares!  I was so relieved Anna had Cypress to be with on the first day of High School.

The kids went off to school and Ted and I spent the rest of the day relaxing.

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