17 March 2011

First picnic of the year.

Last week we had the most amazing weather. The kids were all home from school so they decided they needed a picnic. We rounded up a bunch of friends, packed some picnic baskets and opened up our back gate.
Troy came home for lunch.

This little Ryan wanted someone to play football with him so bad.

Mckenzie got a hold of my camera and took a bunch of random shots. I never have pictures of me because I'm the one usually taking the pictures. So I am putting in a couple pictures of me for my folks.

Ella and Emersen. They look like a two headed monster!

Mckenzie and Mika were twins.

Stacey provided the sparkling juice for the kids drink. So much fun.

It was wonderful just to sit in the sun and visit with friends. Thanks Stacey! I ended up getting a little cooked.

Typical Troy.

I thought this was a beautiful picture of Mika.

And then there is my girl Ella. She is just stunning!

Olivia was needing Mommy to hold her for a little while.
We had such a fun time. The kids got all worn out and went to bed really good that night. So glad spring is here.

12 March 2011

Got Chicken?

Yes, Troy and I have 9 new baby chicks. Actually they are about 3 weeks old now, I am a little late getting these pics up. I have been wanting to get some for a while now.

So here we are with 9 chickens and needing to make a chicken coop.

We had some extra little friends come over to check out the chicks.
It's a miracle they are still alive. This is Mia, she will be a rancher when she grows up.

Aurora was so gentle and soft with them.

Katie could hardly contain her excitement.

I loved to watch Mark with them. He has big giant hands for such a young little boy and he was so gentle. It was so fun to watch all the kids with their overwhelming excitement over the fluffy little chicks.

Now Troy and I have 9 chickens living in my craft room for the time being. Our house smells a little like a barn. This is a new experience for our kids and I hope it will help them all learn a little in the process. We will have fresh eggs to feed the kids and Troy. I find it hilarious that I wanted chickens when I don't eat eggs or meat.
Let's just all sit back and enjoy the journey!