29 March 2010

Singing time with Grandma.

How cute is it that Olivia is watching Grandma's mouth to know the words. She always does that when I am teaching her a song.

The girls all love to have Grandma get her guitar out and sing some songs with them.

Since we have been home from Grandma's house Olivia will get her play guitar out and play"Grandma".

28 March 2010

More Missouri, Military style.

We were out for a drive one day and came across a VFW memorial post. It had a couple of old helicopters and a submarine top. You all know how much my family loves all things military.

They all loved this one. Grandma, Ella and Logan are checking it out.

Logan had a smirk on his face to match the helicopters.

Soren was going crazy over this one. I think it's pretty funny when your six year old son can tell you all about an old helicopter that was used in a war decades ago.

Blake and Autumn came along with us.

25 March 2010

Dunow cousins having fun together.

Anna got a hold of the camera.

Autumn and Ella.

Mellow Blake.

Typical Autumn smile. She has lost a lot of teeth and her smile is so cute!

The kids were feeding fish on Grandma's facebook Happy Aquarium. They really got into it.

The day before we left back to New Mexico the sun came out and the kids were all out playing in the warm weather. Olivia decided that she didn't need to wear much clothing. Notice how short her undershirt is.

Blake was so good to Olivia. He made sure she had a helmet on and would take her on rides.

Wilson's Creek Battlefield.

First off, I fell in love with the fences.

This to me is true beauty. I love old things.

The kids had fun looking at the old canons. It was really cold out and very wet.

Lovely old red barn in the distance.

This was one of the farm houses that the soldiers used as a hospital.

We thought the confederate flag was pretty cool. Again, back to my love to all things old. Yes, that does include my husband.

We were all extremely shocked to see how heavy the weapons were. We had the kids imagine having to carry the guns and ammo through the woods to fight.

Ella showing how excited she was to go see the sites.

24 March 2010

Scary stories and funny songs.

Six of the eight Dunow Grandchildren slept on the floor of Grandma's house. Troy told them some really silly stories.

Blake taught us the Shark song. Baby shark do do do-do to do. Mamma shark do do do-do ta do. It was so funny to watch Blake teach it to us. Blake has a very quiet nature and is very polite and composed. I found it a riot to see him loosen up a bit.

Troy in all his matureness (is that a word?) taught the kids the booger song. I got you where I want you now I'm going to eat you.

Grandma and Troy sang the song " There was an old farmer who had a large farm". Fi di fi diddle fi dum.

Needless to say, the kids did settle down and go to sleep. Twenty years from now the kids will all remember spending the night at Grandma's house with their cousins. Twenty years from now I will remember the nights that the kids were totally hyper and took forever to go to sleep. Good memories.

22 March 2010

Missouri country side.

Here is a little glimpse of the scenery in Missouri. Everyone kept telling me how ugly it was outside with all the trees bare. I thought it was beautiful. Spring was just starting to peek through.

I had Troy drive me around the country side. We did a lot of pulling over. The ground was really soggy so that made it difficult to park on the side of the road. Troy did have fun spinning mud everywhere.

This old barn caught my attention right away. The old tree has grown over the top of the barn.

There is an old cemetery just behind this old lady.

Some kind of orchard?

Everywhere we looked there was little ponds.

Oh the silo's. Love, love, love them!

This old one has vines growing on the outside. Can you imagine how incredible it would look in the summer?

My nephew Blake was telling me there once was a old barn here. It caught fire.

This one has a tree growing out from the inside of it. I was awed by the beauty of the country side of Missouri. So different from New Mexico. Hopefully I will one day see Missouri in all it's green fullness of the summer or it autumn colors.

I was happy to get home to New Mexico. I missed it's mountain sunset's. Mostly I missed it's clear blue skies.

21 March 2010

Lambert's in Missouri.

Food. Lot's and lot's of food. More food than you can fit in your stomach at one sitting, yet you do.

Chuck and Peggie took us to a restaurant in Springfield called Lambert's. There were 14 of us and we had to use 2 tables.

One of the things that they do at Lambert's is throw hot rolls. Someone walks around tossing rolls all over the place. If you want a roll, all you have to do is raise your hand and catch them.

This is a typical shot of Logan. Food stuffed in his face.

Along with the food you order someone is walking around with huge serving bowls scooping out sides like fried potato's and black eyed pea's. Fried okra was one of my favorite.

The meal comes in a big frying pan.


Blake and Autumn enjoying their food. I think we all ate about a dozen rolls each.

Tara and Autumn being silly.

Ah, the newly weds. It was fun to get to know our new brother-in-law. Brian was really brave to go have dinner with the Dunow bunch. I think we scared him a bit.

There is Troy, Jordan, Soren and Logan at the other table. Soren got hit in the head by an out of control roll.

More rolls.

We all had to waddle out of the restaurant. It was a good to sit, visit and eat. Boy did we eat.