08 March 2010

I am the Mother of these Wholagans.

One night a few months ago the kids turned on some music, put on my belly dancing scarves and had a good time. Olivia is here trying to show the correct way to belly dance. One of her favorite things to do these days is to sing and dance. She will be walking around the house or playing while singing the lovely song........Honky Tonk ba donk a donk. Shut my mouth, slap your Grandma. She even does it with a southern drawl. She would make Trace Atkins very proud.

I was trying to find pictures to depict the personalities of my children. Soren is always in motion. He is NEVER quiet. He could make me ready to blow a fuse then turn around and tell me I am the most beautiful mother in the world. The best way to describe Soren is Lovable. He loves everybody.

Ella is quiet except when she cries. Then it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Notice that she is blond. A very beautiful, bubbly blond. Sometimes when she says some very "blond" things, I just have to walk away. I have been blessed to have children who love. Ella is a natural nurturer. Say that 5 times fast. Natural nurturer, Natural nurturer. Never mind. She is also a great poet and story teller.

Also a great poet and story teller. Her and Ella are always writing something. This picture was after Christmas when she got her makeup. Gee, can you tell? It's not so obvious anymore. She is suborn and strong willed. Put her against a scout any day and she will kick some serious booty. Watch out boys!

I am such a lucky mother that I can wake up on a Saturday morning to my Husband and our friend Andy having a shaving cream fight with our 14 year old and his best friend. Ya, lucky me. It is never calm or quiet when Logan is around. There is always a bang or a crash somewhere in the house followed by an injury. Logan is so smart he usually can self diagnose the injury himself. He is defiantly a teenager now. I hate the fact that I have to look up to him to yell. I think I will make him sit if I want to scold him.

This is the reason for the shaving cream on Logan. During the night the boys put some on Andy, my oldest child. Dang I should of put a picture of Troy up also. I swear when those two get together is gets ridiculous. I really didn't give birth to him. (I know Andy, that probably made you shudder. ) I love him like one of my own. I scold him like one of my own, and I have to admit that I yell at him like he was my own. This is a photo of him sporting a Pirates of the Caribbean wig. Nice look.

I had a hard last week and I am determined to have a good one this week. I love my kids. I hate it when they are hurt, not happy, sick, mad or naughty. Sometimes I just lose it and yell. It is my goal this week to take all my kids little quirks and love them no matter what. After all, they love me.

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