26 March 2012

A beautiful day in Blaine.

The sun was shinning Saturday, so we decided a little family adventure was what we needed. We packed up a picnic lunch, got the dogs all ready and headed out the the bay in Blaine.
Blaine is at the Canadian border.
Right before you get to border crossing you could pull off into a little park and walkway that goes around the bay. There are picnic tables all over, so you can relax and enjoy the wildlife.
The kids thought this was really neat. Notice how Soren is always in motion.
Anna thought it would be fun to try Whale surfing.
Did you know one of my many phobia's is Orca's?
A long time ago I watched a nature show of killer whales going up on the beaches and snatching sea lions. Since then I have always been afraid to go to close to the beaches or any big water.
OK, all water. Going across on the ferry scared me half to death. I just know there were Killer whales waiting for me!
There are some big mud flats or sand flats or what ever... I just know they were stinky!
The kids would turn over rocks and find all these little crabs. Of course there were a lot of shells for the kids to find.
Ella was the first to pick one up. You go girl!
Soren opted for using a shell to pick them up.
This is across from where we were. The big white thing is called the Peace Arch.
Blaine is across the bay from White Rock Canada. This is the view of White Rock.

I gave Ella the camera to hold and she snapped this shot. I wish she could of gotten the whole picture. Buster was flirting with the lady with the white hair. She was oohing and awing over him, and he just soaked it up. What a player!

We had a wonderful time. The kids all enjoyed themselves and saw new things. We ended up not eating at the park. I twisted my bad shoulder grabbing Izzie and it made me sick. I went home and layed down while Troy had a picnic outside with the kids. What a wonderful Husband I have.
We are loving it here in Washington. One thing in for sure, we are treasuring the sunshine!

22 March 2012

Mr.Shinning Sun.

I started having children during the Barney epidemic. Yes, it was an awful epidemic that caused hysterical screaming, itching and convulsing whenever I heard Barney come on. Unfortunately, Logan and Anna loved good ol' Barney. To this day I think I know every Barney song ever sung.
For once in my life I am thankful that I watched Barney all 57,000 times.
I have sang
O Mr. Sun
Mr. Shinning Sun.
Please shine down on me
at least a million times since moving to Washington.
Today the sun has come out and shinned down on us. Love it! The kids all think it's summer time.
Olivia misses her New Mexico back yard where she had tons of sand to dig in all the time. She has found a little patch of dirt that she plays in all the time. What a mess. I just let her make a mess and then throw her in the bathtub at night.
Just look at how happy she is. Notice also how white the kids are. My poor babies haven't seen the sun in quite a while.
I was seriously bundled up in one of Troy's fleece jackets freezing while the kids were in shorts and capris. I did make them wear jackets outside, but they seem to have disappeared.
Look at Soren's pasty legs. Every time I look at my children's whiteness I break out in Barney tunes.
O Mr. Sun........
Even Buster is loving the warmth from the sun. The warmth that I am not feeling.
This next picture comes with a disclosure.
I try not to post unflattering pictures of me, but oh well....
You will get why I am screaming in the next picture down.
Logan decided to mow the lawn.
I handed Ella the camera to put in the house and she shot this picture of me yelling at Logan as he barely missed trees. I apparently wasn't feeling the warmth from the sun and was freezing to death.
As I found out after I ruptured my spleen from screaming so hard, Logan had his earphones in his ears.
The grass really didn't need mowing, but it got Logan of the house.
This tee pee thingy is something that I made Troy construct for me. I am planting morning glory to cover it. I thought it would be fun for the kids to have a little hideout covered in flowers.
OK, maybe I wanted a little hideout covered in flowers.
It was a beautiful day today. The kids had early release today. We were all outside enjoying the spring sunshine playing together.
Some yelling was involved.
I am finding out from living in Washington that you grasp every chance you have with the sunshine.
The sun pops out for a second, you run outside and basque in it.
Even if it means your baby is playing in mud and your oldest is driving a riding lawn mower like he's 90 years old.
Oh Mr. Sun
Mr. Shining Sun
Please shine down on me.

17 March 2012

To the pond we go.

It has been another long week of rain up here in Washington. Surprising, isn't it? Today we had a break in the rain so we took advantage of the sunshine. We know there is some trout in the pond by our house, so we thought we would give it a go at catching something. I took off down to the pond first with Izzie girl. This is her favorite thing in the world to do. Chase the ducks. She's actually caught a couple. We were making too much noise today. It's such a stunning sight to see them take flight. The sound in amazing also.
The creek is high right now. We have lot's of ducks there all the time.

Here comes Logan and Soren. Logan was being a nice brother by carrying Soren's little fishing pole. Soren doesn't walk anywhere. He runs.
Olivia is always running also. It makes me tired to watch them.
Logan was trying to give Soren some pointers. One of those rare moments in my life where my boys aren't trying to throttle each other.
Daddy and Anna coming down the hill from the shop.
Ella bringing her fishing pole on down.
Olivia kept getting her boots stuck in the mud.
So between Olivia screaming about being stuck in the mud, Izzie splashing through the water and not the right fishing equipment, we didn't catch anything.
The had a good time. I stayed on the other side of the pond so I didn't end up with a hook in my head or face.
We got outside together, got some sunshine and fresh air.
What a wonderful little outing that was.
Some of us got more exercise than others.
Happy St. Patricks Day.

03 March 2012

Dunow field trip.

The kids had never seen where Daddy works, so today we took a little field trip to Troy's work.
The top three pictures are of the trip home.
The Peace Arch is huge. The kids were so excited to go to Canada.
Troy drives into Canada and gets on the sky train into downtown Vancouver.
This was another first for the kids. Soren was a nervous wreck. He was shaking he was so nervous. Once we got started he calmed down, it was just the unknown.
The girls wouldn't stop giggling.
We walked around downtown and showed the kids where Troy works and sometimes takes a lunch. The big ships were fascinating to the kids. Olivia was more fascinated by the seagulls and ducks.
My beautiful Ella.
All the kids walked around with there heads looking up at all the tall buildings.
King George Development Building is where Troy works.
The three older kids in downtown Vancouver.

I had to get a couple of shots of just Logan. We all laugh at how he says Vancouver. He says Van Couver.

My silly family. It was misting the whole time we were there.
Imagine that!

Did I happen to mention that my family is silly?

The kids big treat was having doughnuts at Tim Horton's.
Oh my stinkin' heck!
As you can see, Soren got comfortable on the train.
We had a good time today doing a little sight seeing. It is still mind boggling to me that we could got to this huge city just less than an hour away from us.
Also the fact that Troy works in another country.
We really do love it here! Such a beautiful place and new experiences for all of us!