26 March 2012

A beautiful day in Blaine.

The sun was shinning Saturday, so we decided a little family adventure was what we needed. We packed up a picnic lunch, got the dogs all ready and headed out the the bay in Blaine.
Blaine is at the Canadian border.
Right before you get to border crossing you could pull off into a little park and walkway that goes around the bay. There are picnic tables all over, so you can relax and enjoy the wildlife.
The kids thought this was really neat. Notice how Soren is always in motion.
Anna thought it would be fun to try Whale surfing.
Did you know one of my many phobia's is Orca's?
A long time ago I watched a nature show of killer whales going up on the beaches and snatching sea lions. Since then I have always been afraid to go to close to the beaches or any big water.
OK, all water. Going across on the ferry scared me half to death. I just know there were Killer whales waiting for me!
There are some big mud flats or sand flats or what ever... I just know they were stinky!
The kids would turn over rocks and find all these little crabs. Of course there were a lot of shells for the kids to find.
Ella was the first to pick one up. You go girl!
Soren opted for using a shell to pick them up.
This is across from where we were. The big white thing is called the Peace Arch.
Blaine is across the bay from White Rock Canada. This is the view of White Rock.

I gave Ella the camera to hold and she snapped this shot. I wish she could of gotten the whole picture. Buster was flirting with the lady with the white hair. She was oohing and awing over him, and he just soaked it up. What a player!

We had a wonderful time. The kids all enjoyed themselves and saw new things. We ended up not eating at the park. I twisted my bad shoulder grabbing Izzie and it made me sick. I went home and layed down while Troy had a picnic outside with the kids. What a wonderful Husband I have.
We are loving it here in Washington. One thing in for sure, we are treasuring the sunshine!

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