03 March 2012

Dunow field trip.

The kids had never seen where Daddy works, so today we took a little field trip to Troy's work.
The top three pictures are of the trip home.
The Peace Arch is huge. The kids were so excited to go to Canada.
Troy drives into Canada and gets on the sky train into downtown Vancouver.
This was another first for the kids. Soren was a nervous wreck. He was shaking he was so nervous. Once we got started he calmed down, it was just the unknown.
The girls wouldn't stop giggling.
We walked around downtown and showed the kids where Troy works and sometimes takes a lunch. The big ships were fascinating to the kids. Olivia was more fascinated by the seagulls and ducks.
My beautiful Ella.
All the kids walked around with there heads looking up at all the tall buildings.
King George Development Building is where Troy works.
The three older kids in downtown Vancouver.

I had to get a couple of shots of just Logan. We all laugh at how he says Vancouver. He says Van Couver.

My silly family. It was misting the whole time we were there.
Imagine that!

Did I happen to mention that my family is silly?

The kids big treat was having doughnuts at Tim Horton's.
Oh my stinkin' heck!
As you can see, Soren got comfortable on the train.
We had a good time today doing a little sight seeing. It is still mind boggling to me that we could got to this huge city just less than an hour away from us.
Also the fact that Troy works in another country.
We really do love it here! Such a beautiful place and new experiences for all of us!

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Angie said...

I love seeing the smiling faces. Tell everyone Hi from us!!! Angie