11 August 2011

First day of School for Anna.

First day of 8th grade for Anna. She has gotten so tall over the summer, she is almost caught up to me. Yikes. A few days ago I took her to get her hair cut. She wanted it short, so here it is.
I think she looks like the teenager she is.
Have a great year Anna! Love you.

08 August 2011

Children = Energy

All these shots were taken before Pam's Funeral. We had gotten there early and needed to get some energy out of the little ones before they had to sit still for a while. There was a little park across the street from the funeral home that we took them to. I made Reece (Barb's son) and Soren do races back and forth.
It was an absolute miracle not one of my children fell into the fountain they had there.
Any of you that really know us realize that it is REALLY miraculous that they stayed dry.
Silly Boys.
Troy's nephew got us started on a new thing called "Forever 21" This is a spoof on the Forever 21 manikins at the mall. When someone says "Forever 21" you go into a pose that the manikins would be in. I know it's corny, but so much fun.

Just thought we would snap a few shots of our family while we were there.

Seriously Soren?

I think I have such a beautiful family. Don't you agree?
The kids did well during the service for Pam. It was nice to hear about her life and see all the gorgeous pictures of her and Max. As I say there and watched the film at the end of the service I was thinking how in love Pam and Max were. I am so lucky to have such a love in my life. I couldn't ask for a better man than Troy.

02 August 2011


This past week Troy's Aunt Pam passed away. She died of cancer after a long struggle with it. We were all very saddened to lose her at such a young age. Although she was in her 50's she was a lot younger in spirit. Troy and I took the kids up to Idaho for her service. Idaho is where my heart will always be. To me there is no where as beautiful as Idaho.
Daddy with tow of his little girls walking down Grandma Rosie's lane.
Giving the horses a scratch behind the ears.
I love all the weathered old building all over the place.
The fields of produce and hay being grown. The smell is incredible. Earthy and natural. I miss having clean simple air to breath.
This smell is the best. Fresh cut alfalfa.

The snake river.

We took the kids over the park before the funeral to get some of their energy out of them. While there we decided to snap a few shot of the family.
Seriously boys?
Soren and his cousin Reece had a great ol' time messing around. I will be posting some pictures later of these two playing around. So fun!
Troy with his two uncles Bill and Dick. Major crush on the one with the yummy mustache. Why can't you grow one like that Honey? You do know how much I love you Honey Lover?
Pam's siblings and Mother. Dick is in the blue shirt then Peggie, Pattie, Bill, Barbie in the front and then Grandma Ramsey.
It was wonderful to see everyone. I wish it would of been under different circumstances. Everyone missed having Pam there. Max, Pam's husband was very brave through the whole thing. So amazing and hard to watch. I wish the best for Max and his future.