28 February 2010

Happiness short lived.

This is why I couldn't be happy for long. My poor Little Miss Muffet is feeling terrible. She has had a cold like all of us and got better. Then this came on last night. High fever with all the yucky stuff. All she wants is for someone to hold her. Right now I am having a break so I can post the pictures about the thing that made me happy.

Our neighbor Steve is a woodworker. He took on the task of building an entertainment center for our Familyroom. He did an amazing job. Ignore all the dust on the piano. It's just a figment of your imagination.

I am truly happy how it turned out. It fits in with the rest of our stuff, it fits my "stuff". I have a very individual sense of decorating. It's all me.

19 February 2010

Freakin' out!

I had just picked up Soren from school today when I almost lost my life. There is a wonderful teacher at their school named Mrs. Clark. A little crazy, but wonderful. Any person with a snake as a pet is CRAZY! She gave the kids in Soren's class some of the snake's shed skin. As I was pulling out of the pick lane Soren announces to me that he has some snake skin from Mrs. Clark's snake to show me. Before I realized what I had done, I had opened my door to jump out of to get away from the snake skin. Hello, I was driving! It's a miracle that I didn't hit anyone. I threatened Soren's little life that he better not take the skin out of his backpack. Then he told me he was going to put it under my pillow tonight. That stinkin' little booger. I don't think anyone realizes the extent of my fear of snakes.

17 February 2010

New lamps and new hair cut.

Troy and I made new lamps for the Family room. I has seen similar lamps at the store for a lot of money. So what do we do? We make them ourselves!

We got the jars at Target and a light kit from a hardware store and made the lamp.

At craft stores you can get lamp shades that are sticky so you can put your own fabric on them. Troy helped me pick out this beige toile. Inside the lamp I put some moss and a birds nest. So my thing. I am really happy how they turned out because they are EXACTLY how I wanted them. For different seasons I can put other things in the jars. Pumpkins for the fall, glass ornaments at Christmas. The possibilities are endless.

Now about that new haircut. Olivia got gum in her hair and I had to cut off several inches. I love how it turned out. It fits her well.

A cute little bob for a little girl who will only wear dresses.