28 February 2010

Happiness short lived.

This is why I couldn't be happy for long. My poor Little Miss Muffet is feeling terrible. She has had a cold like all of us and got better. Then this came on last night. High fever with all the yucky stuff. All she wants is for someone to hold her. Right now I am having a break so I can post the pictures about the thing that made me happy.

Our neighbor Steve is a woodworker. He took on the task of building an entertainment center for our Familyroom. He did an amazing job. Ignore all the dust on the piano. It's just a figment of your imagination.

I am truly happy how it turned out. It fits in with the rest of our stuff, it fits my "stuff". I have a very individual sense of decorating. It's all me.

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pinon family said...

LOVE IT Em!!! Love it!!