30 June 2009

The Love of my life.

This was in the spring of 1992, before Troy left on his mission.

Paaleeease. I was not that heavy. I may be now!

Troy took me to my Jr. Prom. It was the same day that Troy received his mission call to Chile. I was 16 in this picture and Troy was 20.

Some of our engagement pictures taken at Catherine Albertson Park in Boise, Idaho. 1994

Our wedding day August 13, 1994. We got married in the Boise Idaho Temple.

I was inlove with Troy before he even knew that I existed. He moved to Boise, Idaho from Colorado to go to Boise State University. He moved in with his Uncle Bill and Aunt Corinne that lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same ward as my family. The first day he came to church and I saw him, I knew I was going to marry him. This was in August and he didn't ask me out until February.

You see, there was a slight hitch in my plan. I was only 16 and a Jr. in Highschool. Troy was 20 and a Sophomore in college. His Aunt was my leader in church and I was always begging her to set us up. I even babysat for her once and went through Troy's things while I was at his house. Now days that is called stalking. Wait, that was stalking back then too I guess. OK, I was a little creepy.

February all my little girl fantasies came true and he asked me out, only he didn't know it was me he was asking out. He needed a date at the last minute for a Sawyer Brown concert, so his Aunt had him call me up. In his mind he thought he was calling somebody completely different. My luck! The night I got that fated phone call I almost lost him forever before he even had a chance to take me out. He asked what time he could pick me up and I told him, " Don't pick me up before 6:00 because I have drivers ed." There was a long pause on the other end of the phone. I think he was a little confused. Then I heard "ooooohhhhh-kaaaaaaaaay." It wasn't until several weeks later that he confessed to me that he thought that I was Renee Burton, who is several years older than I am.

He picked me up, my Mom sat on him and pinched his eyelids. She does those kind of things. It really is a miracle that he still took me out. The concert was Rad, we used those kind of words back then. That night I told him that I couldn't marry him because he wasn't a "Return Missionary." Troy preceded to tell me under no circumstances was he going on a mission or getting married. He was going to finish college and make lot's of money. That conversation took place on February 11th and he was on his mission by June the same year. Both of us knew that we were not ready to get married at that time, which we would of ended up doing, if he hadn't left right away. We were crazy in love for each other and very immature.

Two months and two days after he got home from his mission we married. Still very immature. Almost 15 years later we are still very immature. I don't think we will ever grow up. We have 5 beautiful children who drive us crazy most of the time. I cannot be any luckier to have Troy as my partner in raising them. He is my best friend and my lover. He keeps me laughing all the time. One thing about Troy is that he thinks he is really funny. He is always laughing at his own jokes. I think that is what I love most about him is his sense of humor. He tells me I look beautiful even when I KNOW I AM NOT LOOKING BEAUTIFUL!

Lauzzy, I was on to something good when I saw him all those years ago. Good thing I was able to snag him!

25 June 2009

My own kind of decorating.

I really need to figure how to take the date off the camera. Anyway, these are the bird lithographs I found at an estate sale the other day. LOVE them! I love to bird watch and have recently been picking up bird stuff her and there.

I mixed the kid's school pictures in with some silhouettes and other photos.

My other new thing I am in love with is silhouettes.

I love old stuff as you can tell. I always try to have some kind of centerpiece on my table even though I have 5 kids that are extremely sloppy. I put tea lights in some mismatched teacups for my recent centerpiece. Like I ever light the candles! Ha! Actually on nights that it is stormy and rainy I light all the candles in the house. I am such a romantic, at least I can dream. There isn't time in this house to even pretend to have any romantic notions, decorating or otherwise.

22 June 2009

Cool Guys.

This is the year that Logan went with Jacob to church camp. July, 2006

August, 2007


June, 2009

Logan and Jacob have been friends since Kindergarten. Jacob has since moved to San Antonino, Texas but still visits once a year. It was quite remarkable, the changes both the boys have made in the past year. They talked about girls, cars and cell phones. Both have deep voices and are just plain funny to watch. I am hoping that Logan will be able to go to San Antonio soon for a visit.

17 June 2009

Two very spoiled little girls.

The girls were singing and playing on the stage while we were trying to set up for the party. Look how much taller Megan is than Olivia. They are only 6 weeks apart in age. It is usually our kids that are taller that everyone else.

The girls stuck some confetti on their cheeks and were trying to wink. Megan was doing a pretty good job of it. So cute.

Megan is Jana's youngest and of course Olivia is ours. It is really quite amazing how utterly spoiled these two little girls are. The thing is they are so dang cute!

Trying to warm up after a very cold dip in the pool.

The kids tried to do a lot of swimming at Grandma's house, but it rained to much. Megan loves the water. Olivia puts on foot in the cold water and starts to scream.

16 June 2009

Long over due reunion.

There were lots of dents in the walls growing up.

Can you even imagine growing up with all these rowdy boys?

Tim, Russ, Rich, Matt, Phill, Kevin, Me (Emily) and Jana.

Notice all the matching goatees.

Mom and Dad Fowler's 50th Wedding Anniversary was on the 13th of June. All 6 boys, 2 girls and their families showed up for their shindig. It has been many years since all of us have been together at one time and it was a very emotional event for us all. There are many things going on in each of our lives, but I hope that this is going to give us all incentive to keep in touch with each other more. I know that for me it made me want to be a better sister. I think Mom and Dad were a little over whelmed by it all. I am sure they were over the top with happiness. I will post more pictures of the party and reunion later, but for now here is the picture of the Funny Fowler Farm Kids.

04 June 2009

I am an American.

Blake and Autumn got to be with us.

On Memorial Day morning Troy and the family went out and had a flag ceremony in honor of the men and women who have served our country. It has been neat to have our flag in our front yard. The kids have learned a lot of respect for the flag and our country. I love to watch the kids as the flag is being raised, their expressions are priceless.

03 June 2009

What a hair raising day.

You are such a good sport Grandma Dunow!


Grandma Dunow was so brave to let the kids play with her hair. I think they must have torn out about half of it.