28 June 2012

Keeping kids busy.

 Miss Muffet will walk circles around this flower bed all the while talking to herself.  Sometimes I will just sit and watch her without her knowing it.  She is so funny to listen to.
 The raspberries are starting to ripen.  We are going to have tons of them.  We are also going to have tons of scrapes and scratches trying to get them.  They have overgrown and it's hard to get to most of them.
 Below is a shot of some of the blackberries in bloom.  They are everywhere.  Can't wait to eat them!
 This is the raspberries.  Looks scary, eh?
(I just did a Canada thing.  Haha.)

 Yesterday turned out to be beautiful here.  It was in the mid 70's.  That's summer in Washington for ya.  I kept kicking the kids out of the house.  They need all the sun they can get.  Dylan is staying with us for a while.  I made him take the little boys to the woods to get some sticks and stuff for the fairy houses.  Let's take note of some things here.
1.  Dylan is disliking the slugs here.
2.  The forrest has to many bugs for him.
3. The little boy's are the ones carrying the ax.
4.  Notice Dylan is not bringing anything back for me to use.
He definately is a city boy.  We love you Dylan.  Just watch out for all the slugs making it back to Rio Rancho in your suitcase.
 To give Dylan credit, he dug up the moss for me.
 You go boys!  Don't they look tuff?  I wanted to make fairy houses, the guys weren't going to do it.  We agreed that they could make a fort for their star wars guys or something.

24 June 2012

Great friends, noisy house.

Dylan, one of Logan's best friends from Rio Rancho came to visit for a while.  It's been so fun having him here.  He keeps commenting on how green everything is here. 

 The boy's did some target shooting last night.
 Always with Troy's and my supervision.  Teenage boy's with guns?  Uh, scary!  Actually they are very careful.

 We took Dylan for a walk in our woods.  He got really creeped out by all the slugs. 
One thing that is really hilarious is that Dylan is taller than Logan.  Ever since Logan met Dylan in the 4th grade, Logan has been taller than him.  Not anymore.  I was shocked at how tall Dylan was.  Not so surprised once I saw the kids put away the food. 
 Excuse the red eyes.  I need to fix the camera settings.  I think some little kid fingers were playing with my camera.
Cypress, Anna's friend spent the day with us.
 I've been wanting to take some shots of the girls with flowers in their hair.  My beautiful blue eyed Ella.
 Cypress was a little horrified that I made her put flowers in her hair.  She is so NOT the flower type girl.  I think she was a little scared of me.  JK.
 My baby girl Olivia.  It's going to break my heart when she looses her baby teeth.
 I had to practically sit on Anna to put the flowers on her.  Look at that dimple.
 Cypress again.  She is AMAZING with animals.  I
 should start calling her Dr. Doolittle.
 One thing is for certain.  My house is a mad house right now.  Extra kids = extra noise.
I wouldn't trade it for nothing though.  I love having all our friends over.
Things did get a little crazy last night.  We had Cypress's parents over for dinner and all the boy's wrestled.  Matt took some time to play with Ted WFI.
They all ganged up on Dylan.  He so deserved it.
By the end of the night I was ready to lock myself in my room and put earplugs in.
We are so happy to have Dylan with us right now. 
Our family is extra happy to have such great friends like Matt, Cathy and Cypress.

17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day to Troy.

 Troy had to be out of town this Father's Day.  I don't know if he thinks that's great or not.  Just kidding.  I know he wants to be here with his kids today.  As a mother, I have been incredibly fortunate to have a Husband who is so involved in the parenting process.  From the start he was always involved in everything.  Even when I was breastfeeding at night, he would always get up with me and help me out.  Troy wants to be part of everything that involves our family that we have created together.   
How lucky we are to have 5 beautiful and silly kids.
I am going to go through some pictures and mention some of Troys talents and attributes.
 He is an amazing cook.  As you can see in the below picture that Troy and Logan are both in Scout uniforms and aprons, helping me out with dinner.  He involves the kids in whatever he is cooking in the kitchen.
 Camping is one of Troy's favorite things to do.
 Halloween is just not for the kids.
 Troy has always thought that kids need to learn all that they can.  Be prepared in all things.  Instead of putting the kids in Young Marines, he volunteered himself to help out.
 One of my favorite things about Troy is that he can laugh at himself.  Here in this picture, Troy and Logan are being Nacho Libre. 
"Stretchy Pants."

Every Christmas, Troy puts together a puzzle.  Drives me soooo crazy.  I have no patience for it.  The past few years the kids have started to help him out and are learning patience.
He loves his country and shows great respect for it.  He will take the kids out and raise the flag for special days.  He has taught our children how to respect other peoples views.  Even if they don't agree or think the same as other's they need to be tolerant and caring to all people. 

Um, who wants to be like Daddy?  This was taken outside one our favorite places in Corrallas, New Mexico.  OK, I got teary when I saw this picture.  I'm just a tad bit homesick for New Mexico.

Troy was always volunteering for the Scouting program as a first-aid instructor.  As always he got the kids involved.  He would use them as patience as victims in his scenarios.  The kids love this!  It means they get to be all bloodied up!
Again, he is able to laugh at himself.

This was one of the times his Dad, Chuck got to visit us.  We had to take him to Village Pizza.

He doesn't even care if he is surrounded by a house full of screaming children.  Well, most the time!

A few years ago we had a rare snow day in New Mexico.  He did a work call all the while hauling Olivia up and down a hill.

Troy completed his Wood Badge but didn't want to make a big deal about it. He didn't want to make a big show receiving his award.  So one night this lady shows up at our house and has a small ceremony for just our family.

He was showing the kids that you are never to old to have a good ol' pillow fight with your siblings.

His heart is always open to take in other kids.  Our Emersen here became part of our family.
{Miss you Em.}

We moved last December and it hasn't been the easiest move for us.  We have missed New Mexico terribly.  Troy has been able to get the children excited about our new home even though it's always so dang cold here!

He tries to teach our children daily on being fair.  Soren's birthday he got out and played kick ball with the kids.
This picture below is a lesson for Logan.
Pull your pants up boys.  This is what you look like.  Not very cool, eh?
As I took this picture Troy was laughing really hard at himself.  He thought he was so funny.  I just thought it was gross.

He's patient, loving, kind, thoughtful.  He has given me these children.  How much better can it get than that?
Maybe some warm weather?

13 June 2012

Custer School Carnival!

Last Friday was the end of the year carnival at the kids Elementary school.  Right now we have our youngest three in elementary school.
 Olivia had her face painted!
 Ell and Anna meeting up with some friends.
 Olivia going down one of the slides.  She wouldn't go down it unless Afton went with her.

 Soren and one of his friends played this tug of war basketball game.  So funny. 

 Towards the end, Soren needed a little bit of help.

 On our way out, I wanted to get a picture of the kids by the school sign.
 Can you tell they wouldn't cooperate? 
We had a good time.  The kids all ran themselves ragged.  I got tiered by just watching them!
Troy and I were talking about the carnival later on in the night and we both commented on how many people had gone to the carnival.  It wasn't just the school kids, it was the whole community.  Grandmas, Grandpas,  Aunts, Uncles, cousins.
Crazy insane how many people were there!  Needless to say, it was a little overwhelming for me.