07 June 2012

My favorite place to sit while I recover.

There has been a lot going on at the Dunow house lately.  Surprising isn't it?  What I find really funny is this cot that is in our family room, is one of every one's favorite places to crash.  We have 2 couches in our family room already but still needed more seating.  I grabbed this old war cot out of our garage, covered it with a quilt and there you go.  I love to sit and watch birds on it.  The little ones crawl out of bed in the morning and curl up on it.  Many a teenage boy has crashed overnight on it. 
Lately I have just been sitting and watching the rain.
I finally had my shoulder surgery to repair a laybrum tear.  I guess it was a pretty extensive injury.  It was to the point of almost no use in the arm and every time I moved my arm, my shoulder would slip and pinch nerves.  Not fun.  I was so excited to have it fixed.  It's not that simple.  This is the kind of injury that takes time, time, time.  Every Mother out there knows we don't have a lot of time to waste, so I am somewhat frustrated.  I am in a sling for 4 to 6 more weeks.  Did I mention that it's summer break?  The kids have been great help, but most of all I have the greatest Husband ever.
He has shown the greatest patience with me.  I know I haven't been the best tempered person in the world lately. 
This was the flowers that Troy work sent over.

Not feeling all that great I have spent a lot of time just watching.Watching everything grow here.
Watching it get greener.

Troy sometimes will  complain about feeling claustrophobic here.  We have always lived in wide open spaces.  Here you just are surrounded by green.

The gardens here at the house are producing amazingly beautiful flowers.
Everyday, something new to look at.
I'm frustrated with my pace of my recovery, but I am really lucky to have use of my arm. 
My Mom has told me a story a thousand times before.
It's about her Aunt who lost an arm in a farming accident.  She went on to raise a passel of kids and a farm with just one arm.
I start to feel down and I think of that. 
Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

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