24 May 2012

Hike at Birch Bay.

Last weekend was sunny and beautiful outside.  Troy and I took the kids on a fun outing to the bay.  We stopped by the C shop for an ice cream cone and then took the kids down to the beach. 
The picture below is what some of the houses look like on the bay.
I told Soren to act like the crab was attacking his face.
Goofy kid!

Anna brought along her friend Cypress.  Those two are funny together.
My beautiful blue eyed Ella.
I can't stand how fast Logan is growing up.  It was hilarious because he was complaining about the feel of the little fish swimming around his feet.  Look how he is curling his toes in so he doesn't have to feel them.
Soren is fascinated by the crabs.
Try telling two little kids not to get their feet wet.  Uh- what ever!
Have I mentioned that Olivia run every where she goes?
This is a shot of White Rock, Canada.  This is where they film one of our families favorite shows of all time.
Oh ya baby!  I really need to get over there!
Troy took this picture of us looking for snails.
He told me, this is what it looks like when people move from New Mexico and see water!
My girl!
 We went for a short little hike through the forest.  Olivia was singing follow the leader.
Then she screamed at everyone because we weren't paying attention to her.
We had a fun time hanging out together.  I'm really glad that we get to have these opportunities to go out and enjoy nature together.  Lot's of laughing, quite a bit of screaming and bossing people around and some wet feet.  It's all worth it.

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