18 May 2012

Introducing Ted Wait For It Dunow and other random Dunow happenings.

This is our new addition to the Dunowbunch.  His name is Ted Wait For It Dunow.  Logan named him.
You would have to be a big fan of the TV show "How I met you Mother" to get the name.  Needless to say, it's quite hilarious.  Little Ted WFI has filled a little hole in my heart since Buster has passed away.  I'm hoping Poppy warms up to him soon.  She really needs someone to play with.
He is the sweetest little thing.  There is nothing cuter than a baby cat, except for a baby dog or a human baby.
Maybe a baby elephant,
baby monkey,
sea lion....
Never mind.  There are a lot of cute babies out there!
Let's just say I am loving him so much.
Several weeks ago, Logan went to work with Troy for the day.  While Troy worked, Logan took to the streets of downtown Vancouver.
Troy took him to lunch at a place called Fresh Local Wild.  It's been featured on the show "Diner, Drive In's and Dives"
They had a good time and took some neat pictures.

Wonderful smelling Lilacs.
I spent the day relaxing, just smelling the perfume of this beautiful bouquet.
Then Logan came home from school and started to sneeze and tear up and complain about the horrible smell in the house.
Leave it to a teenage boy to burst my bubble.

 The garden here at my house is bursting with flowers.  Everyday I go outside and there is something new popping up.

 A couple of weeks ago we had to drain our lower pond, take the fish out, clean it and repair some leaks.  It was some major entertainment watching the kids try to catch the fish with this bucket.
 Then Troy spotted this guy and Logan and I completely freaked out.  I bet they don't have cute babies.

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