13 May 2012

Soren, the best Mother's day gift I ever had.

It was Soren's birthday last Friday but we celebrated it on Saturday.  I had him on a Mother's day, what a special gift to myself!
We had a few of his friends over to celebrate with him.  They played games, had lego building contest and made A LOT of noise.
Soren gets migraines when he eats red dye, most preservatives and lot's of sugar.  I made him a texas sheet cake since it's one of his favorites.  I made a double batch.  Apparently texas sheet cake doesn't work for stacked cakes.  How stinkin funny is that?
We had lot's of veggie and fruits for the kids to snack on.  They all loved it.
Everybody participated in a game of kick ball.  I did it mostly to get energy out of the kids.  They made me tired just watching them.
Olivia had a little melt down during the game, so I took her and walked around the yard with her.  We spotted Logan's #1 enemy.  This Frog lives on the upper part of the pond.  It's so fun to just sit and watch him.
I think Olivia was jealous that Soren was getting all the attention.  That's the baby for you!
I took these today.  Olivia will have total conversations with herself.  She is such a character to watch play things out.
It's Mother's Day today.  I was outside today trying to get some planting done.  I get my love of gardening from my Mother.  I always think of her when I am outside working.  I'll see my lilacs that have bloomed and think of how our house used to smell growing up with huge bouquets of lilacs in vases.  Every plant, flower and tree, I think of her.  She taught me how to appreciate and enjoy nature.
Happy Mother's day Mom.

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