21 August 2008

Logan is awarded his Life rank in Scouts

100_1589100_1591  100_1590

Logan earned his life a while ago but received his pin on the 12th of August.  We held the Court of Honor at the park behind our house and had a BBQ.  There were about 30 people that came for dinner so Troy and James stayed busy grilling burgers.  The funniest part of the night was when Logan was pinning the mothers pin on me.  Troy made him kiss me on the cheek so we could get a picture.  Logan  will be turning 13 in September.  There a not very many 13 year olds who want to kiss their mother in front of a bunch of scouts.  I got the biggest kick out of embarrassing him.  Isn't that was mothers are for?


100_1585 100_1586

18 August 2008

We have new bunnies!

The granddaughter of the couple we got Izzy from gave us two pure bred mini Lapsa bunnies.  The kids named them Brownie and Nibbles.  Troy made them a hutch (Logan calls it a hooch) out of an old bench.  The bunnies are really friendly because they were handled since birth.  Emily even lets them play inside.  We have to tie Izzy up because she thinks they are a snack or a plaything.  We are hoping to get the kids involved in 4-H,  these bunnies are the start of that.100_1612100_1615 100_1617 100_1616 100_1618 100_1614 100_1621


August the 13th was the first day of school for Logan at the Middle School. Today was Anna, Ella, and Soren's first day at the Elementary School. Soren woke up bouncing off the walls because he was so excited about his first day of kindergarten. I have been walking around all day long because I hardly know what to do with myself. It is so quiet with nobody fighting and screaming. At first Olivia was very upset that Soren was not here to play with but she soon started playing by herself and is now fine. At lunch Olivia and I just looked at eachother like "what do we do now?" I have so much to do I don't know where to start. I'm just happy that school finally started!

09 August 2008

Visit from my family.

The 13th of July my Mom and Dad, my Sister Jana, and her kids drove down to Rio Rancho New Mexico to visit us.  There were 9 kids and 5 adults in our house for a whole week.  It got a little crazy at times but we all enjoyed it.  Every night Mom would tell them a story about her childhood to the kids.  This is something that the kids will remember their whole lives.  Jana's kids thought New Mexico was interesting.  Most of all it was fun to watch the kids for a bond.

Megan, Jana's youngest loves our dog Curly.  Every where that Curly went Megan was sure to follow.  Mom and Jana are not to keen on dogs in the house, but they put up with them with a smile on their faces.  Mom even became the "Dog Whisperer"  and leash trained Izzy.  It was the most amazing thing to watch.  Overall it was so wonderful to have everybody visit.

02 August 2008

Animal Planet Expo

Today the Animal Planet Expo was in Albuquerque, so we loaded up the gaggle and headed down to Balloon Fiesta Park. We had a great time but it was WAY too hot. We only stayed a couple of hours before all the kids were hot and cranky. We did get to see some pretty cool things including a real live alligator. Here are some pictures from the great adventure...