09 August 2008

Visit from my family.

The 13th of July my Mom and Dad, my Sister Jana, and her kids drove down to Rio Rancho New Mexico to visit us.  There were 9 kids and 5 adults in our house for a whole week.  It got a little crazy at times but we all enjoyed it.  Every night Mom would tell them a story about her childhood to the kids.  This is something that the kids will remember their whole lives.  Jana's kids thought New Mexico was interesting.  Most of all it was fun to watch the kids for a bond.

Megan, Jana's youngest loves our dog Curly.  Every where that Curly went Megan was sure to follow.  Mom and Jana are not to keen on dogs in the house, but they put up with them with a smile on their faces.  Mom even became the "Dog Whisperer"  and leash trained Izzy.  It was the most amazing thing to watch.  Overall it was so wonderful to have everybody visit.

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