27 January 2012

Eagles, Bigfoot and little girls.

My fascination with the eagles is becoming borderline obsessive. I had just taken Buster and Izzie outside for a potty break this morning when I heard screeching. Off in the distance I could see a couple of eagles flying over the nest that I always talk about. These couple of pictures are from my front porch.

After I realized that it was the eagles so close to us, I grabbed Buster up in my arms and ran to the house. I grabbed the door handle and went to go inside but the door was locked. So you can just imagine me screaming " the eagles are coming, the eagles are coming" and running into a locked door. Poor little Buster got smashed in between me and the door. All I was trying to do was save the poor little thing from being snatched. My kids just laughed at me.

Later on in the day Troy and I walked down to the bus stop to pick up Ella and Olivia from school. Soren was home this week sick. I went to show Troy the eagles and they were just sitting off the side of the road.
My flash wasn't on. I could kick myself. Aren't they amazing? Troy stayed back a ways. You know he's scared of birds. It has to do with this unfortunate incident of him being attacked by a falcon. It's quite a hilarious story. I'll have to tell it later.
I can't stand how excited Olivia is to see Daddy. I wish I had that kind of energy at 4:00 in the afternoon. Ella is like "don't embarass me Daddy".
Then she spotted me. I wish.
I was holding Buster.
Poor little thing. He can barely keep up with her.

Then off we go back home. I do this daily. I love this walk. I have to admit that I always take Izzie with me. There is a little, OK huge part of me that is a little scared of the woods.
I swear, one of these days Big Foot is going to walk out of here and want to chat with me or something.
Another spot that I walk by.
It's kind of creepy when I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up and Izzie will go into her point stance. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. I am so lucky to be living here. The smell of the woods is amazing. The sound that it makes are beautiful even though I'm a huge chicken. Good thing I have Izzie girl to protect me from Big Foot.
So one day you will all here about how I was attacked by a Bald Eagle or mauled by Big Foot. Who knows, maybe Big Foot will become my friend and help me with my yard work this summer.

17 January 2012

Snow day!

Our little Buster loves the snow. I think it's so funny to watch him run through it. He disappears for just a second before he leaps out again.
Then there's the moles that he love to dig for. So far he hasn't gotten one. Just a mouse, which he brought to Logan in bed.

Izzie is in snow heaven. I think she was suppose to be a sledding dog up in the Artic. Just look how happy she is running through the powder.

I took the dogs for a walk down to the pond.
There is so much beauty here. Every little berry, twig, leave or stump holds some kind of fascination for me.
I still find if neat that I have a Holly tree in my yard.
The kids were just coming back from getting one of there friends from down the road. School was canceled today because of the snow. As you can see the roads are really slick. Soren was doing some speed skating.
Whoops. Down he goes. Look at Emery's big brother walking down the road behind us. Yes, he is wearing shorts. Teenagers apparently do not get cold.
Looks like we are going to be having a few more snow days. Kids and Hubby home from school and work. Lot's of hot chocolate is being consumed. The dryer is constantly going trying to keep their snow clothes dry between adventures. The floors in my house are covered in mud and water. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

16 January 2012

Snow, snow and more snow.

This was after the first snow fall we had a few days ago. The kids bundled up and took the dogs out for a walk to check things out. The kids love to see how much the pond is freezing over. The dogs love going and chasing the birds and ducks. You can see little Buster out there thinking he is so big and tuff. Izzie brought us a duck the other night. I guess that's the golden retriever in her.
The kids know better to go on the ice. We have told them over and over that they could die if they fell in. I think I have scared them enough. Plus I could watch them from the house.
I keep the bird fed. One of my most favorite thing is to watch the birds squabble over the food. Kind of like my kids do.

Yesterday we woke up to more snow and fog. Logan stayed in his nice warm bed while the other kids got bundled up and braved the elements again. Off they went to check out the pond.

This morning we woke up to even more snow. Again, Logan stayed in bed while the went of in search of how frozen the pond was. It was REALLY cold today. Buster has a hard time walking through the snow because he is so small. Izzie on the other hand doesn't want to come inside.
Off they go into the woods to explore. By the time they came back they were frozen and tired. I love it when they get tired. There's less fighting!
Izzie was giving me the "It's OK, I will look after them" look. She's the best babysitter I could ever have.
So while the kids are off playing in the snow, I go take some shots of the lovely little birds that visit our yard. The are plump and feisty.
It is still snowing, the kids are inside thawing out. I've thrown all there snow gear in the dryer so they are ready for another round of snow play. Love these days!

11 January 2012

Morning show.

Lately I have been having a hard time getting up and the kids ready in the morning. Maybe something to do with my shoulder that is taking it's own sweet time healing. It's making sleep almost impossible.
So as I was sitting on the couch downing my second cup of coffee, Olivia starts screaming that there's a rainbow outside. Now even though I am still in a sleep fog, I knew there is not rainbows when it's dark outside. So I turn my stiff, sore, creaking body towards the window and low and behold there is a rainbow outside.
Everyday I am here I am floored by the beauty of the area.
Olivia and I watched for about 15 minutes while the sun rose and the sky changed it's colors.
Olivia was totally enthralled by the show.
Of course this was not a silent show. She told me was color it was changing by the second.
I thought Soren and Logan could talk a lot.

This was just what I needed this morning. To watch my baby girl be awed by our earths beauty.
My own "morning show".

06 January 2012

I need some answers!

Its seems since I have move to Custer Washington all I have done is ask questions. I need some answers! My good husband MR. KNOW IT ALL, apparently doesn't know it all.
What are these and why have they made them look so pretty.
I know there is a reason for bending them over......
All the fields around us are full of these. They are so beautiful, even in winter. I can't imagine how gorgeous they will be full of ripe berries.
Was this an old barn made into a house?
Another question.
I am absolutely in love with it. The roof is copper.
I wonder if I go knock on their door and ask them if I could go through their house they would let me?
Another question.

What are these? I am assuming another kind of berry.
I thought birds flew south for the winter. There are geese everywhere. Why?
Another question. What kind of berry is this? I think strawberry. In the background is our house. I wonder if the farmer will know if I pick his strawberries this summer?
On the road to our house there is this big nest. You all know how I love birds. Someone told me it was a bald eagles nest. I know they are around here because I have seen them.
I really don't have the time to sit for hours waiting for a bird to appear in the nest. Will someone do it for me so I know?
This is the lane leading up to our house. How many times a week do I walk this?
It seems like thousands. Taking kids to the bus, picking them up, getting the mail, chasing dogs down. The list goes on. You would think I would be looking very svelte by now.
Why am I not?
Another question.
These next questions are Troys. What is Emily thinking when she makes wreaths out of old books.
Well, #1-cheap.
#3- something I can do in the craft room with no kids bothering me.
I needed something big to fill the space above my fireplace. I love it. Some people just look and shake their heads.
So there you go. I need some answers please.