17 January 2012

Snow day!

Our little Buster loves the snow. I think it's so funny to watch him run through it. He disappears for just a second before he leaps out again.
Then there's the moles that he love to dig for. So far he hasn't gotten one. Just a mouse, which he brought to Logan in bed.

Izzie is in snow heaven. I think she was suppose to be a sledding dog up in the Artic. Just look how happy she is running through the powder.

I took the dogs for a walk down to the pond.
There is so much beauty here. Every little berry, twig, leave or stump holds some kind of fascination for me.
I still find if neat that I have a Holly tree in my yard.
The kids were just coming back from getting one of there friends from down the road. School was canceled today because of the snow. As you can see the roads are really slick. Soren was doing some speed skating.
Whoops. Down he goes. Look at Emery's big brother walking down the road behind us. Yes, he is wearing shorts. Teenagers apparently do not get cold.
Looks like we are going to be having a few more snow days. Kids and Hubby home from school and work. Lot's of hot chocolate is being consumed. The dryer is constantly going trying to keep their snow clothes dry between adventures. The floors in my house are covered in mud and water. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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