27 January 2012

Eagles, Bigfoot and little girls.

My fascination with the eagles is becoming borderline obsessive. I had just taken Buster and Izzie outside for a potty break this morning when I heard screeching. Off in the distance I could see a couple of eagles flying over the nest that I always talk about. These couple of pictures are from my front porch.

After I realized that it was the eagles so close to us, I grabbed Buster up in my arms and ran to the house. I grabbed the door handle and went to go inside but the door was locked. So you can just imagine me screaming " the eagles are coming, the eagles are coming" and running into a locked door. Poor little Buster got smashed in between me and the door. All I was trying to do was save the poor little thing from being snatched. My kids just laughed at me.

Later on in the day Troy and I walked down to the bus stop to pick up Ella and Olivia from school. Soren was home this week sick. I went to show Troy the eagles and they were just sitting off the side of the road.
My flash wasn't on. I could kick myself. Aren't they amazing? Troy stayed back a ways. You know he's scared of birds. It has to do with this unfortunate incident of him being attacked by a falcon. It's quite a hilarious story. I'll have to tell it later.
I can't stand how excited Olivia is to see Daddy. I wish I had that kind of energy at 4:00 in the afternoon. Ella is like "don't embarass me Daddy".
Then she spotted me. I wish.
I was holding Buster.
Poor little thing. He can barely keep up with her.

Then off we go back home. I do this daily. I love this walk. I have to admit that I always take Izzie with me. There is a little, OK huge part of me that is a little scared of the woods.
I swear, one of these days Big Foot is going to walk out of here and want to chat with me or something.
Another spot that I walk by.
It's kind of creepy when I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up and Izzie will go into her point stance. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. I am so lucky to be living here. The smell of the woods is amazing. The sound that it makes are beautiful even though I'm a huge chicken. Good thing I have Izzie girl to protect me from Big Foot.
So one day you will all here about how I was attacked by a Bald Eagle or mauled by Big Foot. Who knows, maybe Big Foot will become my friend and help me with my yard work this summer.

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