16 January 2012

Snow, snow and more snow.

This was after the first snow fall we had a few days ago. The kids bundled up and took the dogs out for a walk to check things out. The kids love to see how much the pond is freezing over. The dogs love going and chasing the birds and ducks. You can see little Buster out there thinking he is so big and tuff. Izzie brought us a duck the other night. I guess that's the golden retriever in her.
The kids know better to go on the ice. We have told them over and over that they could die if they fell in. I think I have scared them enough. Plus I could watch them from the house.
I keep the bird fed. One of my most favorite thing is to watch the birds squabble over the food. Kind of like my kids do.

Yesterday we woke up to more snow and fog. Logan stayed in his nice warm bed while the other kids got bundled up and braved the elements again. Off they went to check out the pond.

This morning we woke up to even more snow. Again, Logan stayed in bed while the went of in search of how frozen the pond was. It was REALLY cold today. Buster has a hard time walking through the snow because he is so small. Izzie on the other hand doesn't want to come inside.
Off they go into the woods to explore. By the time they came back they were frozen and tired. I love it when they get tired. There's less fighting!
Izzie was giving me the "It's OK, I will look after them" look. She's the best babysitter I could ever have.
So while the kids are off playing in the snow, I go take some shots of the lovely little birds that visit our yard. The are plump and feisty.
It is still snowing, the kids are inside thawing out. I've thrown all there snow gear in the dryer so they are ready for another round of snow play. Love these days!

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