28 December 2011

The family farm. Sort of.

Izzie and Poppy are always being talked about and the other little critters in our family are feeling left out. We have Nutmeg, the bunny. We have had him for a couple of years now and he is very friendly. The kids love to play chase with him. Izzie and him get a long great and go exploring all the time. I will whistle for Izzie and Nutmeg will come running.
Here is Chew-Ziggy-Zig, the rapping Hedgehog. Our family got him just before we moved to Washington. Troy was a little annoyed with me for acquiring another animal right before the move, but as always he just says "what ever makes you happy Dear."
What a nice Husband he is.
Now how we came up with his name.
Logan came up with Ziggy. Anna came up with Chewbaca. Soren was going through a face of being a cowboy rapper. So Soren was always rapping about something. Yikes, I know! Troy and the kids were joking about if the Hedgehog was a rapper and Troy came up with a rapper name.
There you go! I know Hedgehogs don't seem like a very fun animal, but truly they are very cute to watch and take care of. I have had lot's of fun with him. He has a sweet little personality .

This is our new little guy. His name is Buster, in honour of Buster off the the Authur cartoon. Buster came into our family just a few days before Christmas. My Sister-in-law Karrie's friend gave him to us. We had to drive to Seattle to pick him up. I fell instantly in love with him. He is such a funny little thing. Buster is about 10 months old and we are still unsure of the kind of dog he is. He gets along great with all the other animals in our family and the humans too!
I am so glad that all my kids and husband love animals as much as I do. The give us so much joy and fun in our lives. It also has taught my kids responsibility of taking care of something. They find friendship and comfort in the pets. We are really lucky to have them in our lives.

Buster loves to snuggle with the kids.

21 December 2011

A walk in the woods.

It all started off as a nice outing outside with the kids. Logan decided that he is going to make cats on a leash fashionable.
See how cool this looks? Can't you see Matt Damon or Beckam hauling around a cat on a leash?
Ok, maybe not. Poppy was much happier in the tree sunning herself.
We decided to go for a walk in the forest. The kids needed to get some energy out.
This is by far one of my most favorite things to do.
Had to get a pic of my cute little Olivia.
Ella and Logan coming into the forest. Had it in my mind that it was going to be such a lovely quiet and clean walk in the woods with my well behaved children. Taking pictures, looking at nature..........
Instead they went and got stuck in some mud.
And more stuck, and dirty, and cold and saying mean things to each other.
All the while their caring Mother stood back and took photos and laughed.
I laughed because it's just my luck that I have to get all the mud stains out of their clothes now.

Logan just stood back and laughed.

Izzie dog just followed everyone around. She is in her element here. Her day consists of chasing ducks, digging for moles, romping through the streams, laying in the sun and then running through the cornfields. Then she drops and sleeps. What a fun day we had!

06 December 2011

New Home in Custer!

We are finally here in Custer Washington in one piece. Didn't think it was going to happen. At this point in my life I don't want to ever go on a trip with my family again. EVER! After the movers got all our stuff unloaded we hit the floor running unpacking all our stuff. One of the first things I did was to put a little Christmas spirit into our home for the kids. Poppy thought that I did it just for her. She thinks I do everything for her.
The kids fell in love with the place instantly. Even Logan in all his grumbling and groaning likes the place. The kids can't get enough of the outside here. Either can I. I can't stand it, it's so beautiful. The cold here is nothing I have ever experienced, totally wet. Wet air. I have to threaten Olivia to keep a hat and coat on.
Soren is so in his element here. We need to find all his camo.....maybe not.
Still trying to figure out what mountain this is. It's a beautiful view from my window.

Out of everything here, I am most excited about the yard. There is so much space for me to garden and it's not going to cost me a fortune in water to do it!
No, this is not a posting on people of Wal Mart. com. Troy went on a walk with the kids in his pajama bottoms. I did too, but nobody got a picture of that!

There is an old chicken coop. I am very tempted to get chickens again. I am already missing my little ladies.

Our bunny loves to go on walks around the property.
There are raspberries, Marion berries and blackberries in the yard. Then there are blackberries all over the stinking place. Everywhere you go there are wild blackberries growing. EVERYWHERE!
I have a greenhouse to do my gardening in. Love it!


The pond. There are even trout in it. It's just catch and release. So fun!
We are happy to be here and start a new chapter in our life. We all miss our New Mexico friends so much. The tears have been plenty. My heart has been hurting because I miss everyone so much. I know we are suppose to be here. Troy's job is wonderful and he is happy with it. The kids will all adjust, we will make new friends and new memories. Nothing will ever stop us from loving the people who are so dear to us from New Mexico. Out of everyone we have left we all miss our little Emersen the most. Her daily visits into our home is being missed so much. I will hear the kids playing and expect Em to be there with them. It doesn't seem the same with out her with us. We need to get skype up and running so we could see her sweet face. I am going to end this because I am now sobbing my eyes out! Love and miss you all.

20 November 2011

My Baby is growing up!

My Olivia's birthday wish, to have a wonderful day!
Troy is still up in Vancouver and so he called Olivia early this morning. He is so sad that he's not home for her birthday.
She was barely awake.
We had to go to the park this morning while a realtor showed the house. The hat and scarf are her birthday present from Grandma Dunow.
Olivia thinks it's so fun to share the same name as that weird looking pig. I can't believe that she is 6 already. No more baby stuff ever again. Well, there hasn't been for a long time but it keeps getting further away. Is makes me so sad. I go by diapers and baby clothes just for the girls dolls because I miss it so much. I know I say I'm sad but I truly do take great pride in watching my children grow big and strong. I love watching their personalities develop and how independent they get. Especially this little Miss Muffet!

01 November 2011

Shakespeare they are not!

As most of you all know by know, we are in the process of moving. My life is out of whack, routine, consistency and everything else chaotic. So what I do is kick the kids out of the house so I can get things done. Their new thing to keep them occupied is putting on plays. This involves writing the script, making props and the most fun for them is makeup. This whole process for them takes all day. I love it.
I keeps them out of the house and out of my hair!
They spend all day getting ready for the play. The kids make invitations and pass them out to all our neighbors in the culdesac and set up chairs for all of us. I'm surprised my neighbors don't go hide in their house when the kids come by. The plays are should we say......
This one with Soren on the floor had something to do with the living dead. This took place over at my neighbors house. Even Izzie got involved in this play.
This one was at our house.
The props on this were hilarious!
Emersen is so out of character here.
I said that dripping of sarcasm.

The kids were all on a bus here. As awful and corny as these plays are they are so funny. I love watching the kids smile and hear them laugh. I love that they are still acting like kids.
I love that they are using their imagination. I love that it doesn't cost me a penny for what they are doing. I love that they are making memories with their friends. We won't be here much longer and we will miss this.

09 October 2011

A New Mexico Fall.

Troy and I went on a little drive yesterday to regain a little of our sanity. He headed toward Corrales, just a few miles down the road. The farmers market was going on, so we stopped on by.
One of my favorite things about New Mexico is their chilies. There is nothing in the world like the site of all of them strung up like this.
OK, so I'm being a little bit dramatic.
On top of the beauty of the chilies is the smell.
Roasting green chile's has got to be in the top 10 best smells in the world.
Number 1 being babies smothered in baby lotion.
It seems everywhere you go it smells like roasting green chilies. All the stores have big roasters out in front of the store roasting the chilies.
To die for!
And then there is the taste.

Orange is my favorite color. Pumpkin orange. Yes, Autumn is gorgeous here in New Mexico. A different kind of beauty.
The log fences on the road side. They remind me of the early settlers here in New Mexico. It's nice to see them still around. Hmm, I wonder if these would keep Izzie in the yard. Maybe if they're about 15 feet.
Thanks to my wonderful Husband who took me out on a little drive because he knew I was loosing it. It just takes the little things to calm me down. Seeing pumpkins and chilies.