01 November 2011

Shakespeare they are not!

As most of you all know by know, we are in the process of moving. My life is out of whack, routine, consistency and everything else chaotic. So what I do is kick the kids out of the house so I can get things done. Their new thing to keep them occupied is putting on plays. This involves writing the script, making props and the most fun for them is makeup. This whole process for them takes all day. I love it.
I keeps them out of the house and out of my hair!
They spend all day getting ready for the play. The kids make invitations and pass them out to all our neighbors in the culdesac and set up chairs for all of us. I'm surprised my neighbors don't go hide in their house when the kids come by. The plays are should we say......
This one with Soren on the floor had something to do with the living dead. This took place over at my neighbors house. Even Izzie got involved in this play.
This one was at our house.
The props on this were hilarious!
Emersen is so out of character here.
I said that dripping of sarcasm.

The kids were all on a bus here. As awful and corny as these plays are they are so funny. I love watching the kids smile and hear them laugh. I love that they are still acting like kids.
I love that they are using their imagination. I love that it doesn't cost me a penny for what they are doing. I love that they are making memories with their friends. We won't be here much longer and we will miss this.

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