25 February 2012

Field trips and dog eating eagles.

These pictures of the eagle are taken from my front porch. It's the tree just right outside. You have no idea how nervous this makes me! My little Buster only weighs about 8 lbs. That's an hor dourves for eagles.
I'm thinking of tying Izzie and Buster together when they are outside. We use to tie Izzie to Curly so Curly would get some exercise.
One of the many things that baffles me about Washington is that the kids here think it's hot outside. It's about 40 degrees and the silly kid is wearing shorts and short sleeves. I yelled at both kids and then made Soren put on a coat. Emery just shakes his head and laughs.
The boys are building a fort or something behind the shop. I'm thinking I deserve the worlds worst Mother award for allowing my son to play with knives.
AFTER I yelled at Soren yet again, they went behind the shed to play with knives.
Soren- Here Emery, let's go back here so my Mom can't see us.
He ended up with just one cut.
I LOVE the mornings here.

It's so peaceful and serene outside. This is compared to the inside of the house which is total chaos. I just stare out the window and chant "Serenity now, serenity now..".

The other day was Olivia's first field trip since moving here. I bit the bullet and went along. By the time I got home my stomach hurt from laughing so much. They went to Logan's high school to see the FFA's animals, fish and plants.
This picture is funny to me. The kids were like, Huh?
You an tell Olivia was enthralled.
The kids did like to touch the fish and have a snack.
I totally believe that Olivia's teacher is a very special person. It takes a certain kind of person to be a teacher.
I am not that type of person. I would loose my patience to fast. Shocking, I know! I was fun to watch all the kids. Had a good laugh out of it.
I wanted to go home and take a nap when I got home!

19 February 2012

Weird kids.

I was going through the kids camera's last night and I found some really funny pictures. Troy and I had a good laughed and also were shocked by what we found.
Nothing bad!
Just shocked at how weird our kids are. Don't know who they take after. Our little Buster, love cat nip. I don't know how good it is for him. When we get it out for our little kitty Poppy, he goes crazy. The kids put it all over his face and he tries to lick it off of himself. How mean is that?
Soren and his lego's. Who do I need to thank for the invention of lego's?
Hours of keeping him busy!
There were LOT'S of these on the camera. Can you tell she's 14?
Um, more lego's?
One of Anna's drawers fell out of here dresser. Poppy immediately made it her new residence.
How did her drawer fall out? Stuffs so much clothes in them she can't close them and then they fall out. Then they stay that way for a very long time, until Mom throws a major fit and goes through them herself and cleans up.
Poppy wasn't very happy with me.
Olivia and Soren took about 100 pictures of them watching Power Rangers.
Curse Netflix for allowing Power Rangers to come back into my life. I thought I was out of going through that nightmare with Logan growing out of them. Then along comes the ability for my small children to watch it anytime they want, thanks to technology. I would rather watch a marathon of Barney than Power Rangers. Yikes!
Santa brought Logan a set of different mustaches in his stocking this year. Um, how funny is that?
Our Izzie Girl falls were she happens to be. Most the time she doesn't quite make it to her bed.
That happens to me a lot.
This is Mr. Snowman that the kids made this year. So cute!
In all reality, I am thankful my kids have a sense of humor. I love to hear them laugh and play. They are being and doing what kids should do. Fighting is part of that, but I know they love one another. As much as I curse technology for bringing Power Rangers back, I'm glad we have it. Otherwise I wouldn't have these images to remind us of how much fun we have!

15 February 2012

Roller Skating = Pain.

The PTA at the kids elementary school raised money for the kids to have a free skate night. The kids have not had a lot of experience roller skating. Troy and I decided to sit and watch our children get hurt.
Can you all imagine Troy roller skating?
OK, stop laughing.

Ella and Anna did great. Soren and Olivia had a harder time staying up.
Roller skating is dangerous. The kids had bumped mouths, heads, legs, arms and bruised butts.
Boy am I a good Mom just watching all of this. Anna and Ella would take turns with Olivia trying to help her.
It got so bad that the last time Olivia fell, she didn't want to get up.
"Help.......me..........Mom.... save........me....."
Soren fell and pulled his groin muscle and was in tears. So we packed up the kids and took them for an ice cream cone at DQ.
I don't think rollerskating is going to become one of my kids hobbies.
Although, I may join a roller derby group.
Just Sayin'!

12 February 2012

A weird week.

My baby girl is sick. Just a cold, but we don't like colds for Olivia. It scares me to death. With all her health problems, colds always turn into something bad. So we are keeping her comfortable and lot's of water.
Yesterday she smacked her eye on her own knee. Leave it to my kids to do that.
Soren was feeling a little left out.
Then to add to her beat up look, she has lost a second tooth. She really looks like she's been in a boxing match.

On to a random picture of Lynden Washington. From what people have told me, it was settled by the dutch. Really?
It's a cute little town. Lot's of old dutch buildings.

Last Friday was a crazy day. Soren was home from school sick, Logan hit a skunk and I was having to make extra driving trips to pick up kids. Soren and I got into an argument about whether or not the above picture is of a sheep. He told me sheep don't have horns. I argued until I was blue in the face. Finally I just told him it was a goat and he shut up.
There are so many gorgeous old barn around here. Sometime I need to just drive around and take pictures of just all the barns.
This is the poor skunk.
Or should I say, poor Anna and Logan who had to smell it after the car ran over it.

Saturday we were all working out in the yard. We had the Buster, Nutmeg, and Poppy outside with us to get some exercise. So in case you don't know who that is it's a little dog, bunny and cat.
All of a sudden the eagles come screeching and land just by our shed. All of us panicked, racing around to get all the little animals in the house. It was quite all very comical.

They would watch us and we would watch them. Troy told Olivia that eagles eat little kids too. So off she goes screaming to Soren, " Soren, run inside. They eat small children."
The kids and Troy went back to there chores and I stayed in the yard and just watched.
They are just amazing.

It's been a weird week. Eagles snatching small children, dead skunks and little girl boxing matches.
Welcome to my life.

09 February 2012

20 years since our first date.

This picture was taken 20 years ago. Twenty years ago I fell in love with my best friend. I was a girl of just 16 and Troy was a young man of 20.
February 11th will be the 20th anniversary of our first date. We were both so naive and clueless to what lay ahead in our lives.
Now twenty years later we both look at this picture and laugh. We aren't the same kids who were laughing and messing around without a care in the world.
Twenty years later, I am still in love with my best friend. He has given me 5 beautiful children.
There is no way to describe the love I feel for me children.

In November I flew up to Vancouver to be with Troy for a few days. This was when I was still in New Mexico and he had already started his job. We needed to find a house, so I hopped on a plane and off I went to Canada. That was the first time I had ever left the kids for more than a couple of days. The first time to leave Olivia at all. It was so much fun just to be with Troy.

We laughed.
And laughed some more.
We've grown up together over the past twenty years.
We've had babies, graduated college, moved all over the place, changed jobs, made friends, lost friends. We have made some major changes in our lives. We have laughed together, cried together. We have been happy with each other, and couldn't stand one another.
I know one thing for sure in my life though. Troy loves me like no other.
He is the most tender of Fathers. The most loving of husbands.
I am the luckiest to have him as my husband and daddy to my kiddos.