19 February 2012

Weird kids.

I was going through the kids camera's last night and I found some really funny pictures. Troy and I had a good laughed and also were shocked by what we found.
Nothing bad!
Just shocked at how weird our kids are. Don't know who they take after. Our little Buster, love cat nip. I don't know how good it is for him. When we get it out for our little kitty Poppy, he goes crazy. The kids put it all over his face and he tries to lick it off of himself. How mean is that?
Soren and his lego's. Who do I need to thank for the invention of lego's?
Hours of keeping him busy!
There were LOT'S of these on the camera. Can you tell she's 14?
Um, more lego's?
One of Anna's drawers fell out of here dresser. Poppy immediately made it her new residence.
How did her drawer fall out? Stuffs so much clothes in them she can't close them and then they fall out. Then they stay that way for a very long time, until Mom throws a major fit and goes through them herself and cleans up.
Poppy wasn't very happy with me.
Olivia and Soren took about 100 pictures of them watching Power Rangers.
Curse Netflix for allowing Power Rangers to come back into my life. I thought I was out of going through that nightmare with Logan growing out of them. Then along comes the ability for my small children to watch it anytime they want, thanks to technology. I would rather watch a marathon of Barney than Power Rangers. Yikes!
Santa brought Logan a set of different mustaches in his stocking this year. Um, how funny is that?
Our Izzie Girl falls were she happens to be. Most the time she doesn't quite make it to her bed.
That happens to me a lot.
This is Mr. Snowman that the kids made this year. So cute!
In all reality, I am thankful my kids have a sense of humor. I love to hear them laugh and play. They are being and doing what kids should do. Fighting is part of that, but I know they love one another. As much as I curse technology for bringing Power Rangers back, I'm glad we have it. Otherwise I wouldn't have these images to remind us of how much fun we have!

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