12 February 2012

A weird week.

My baby girl is sick. Just a cold, but we don't like colds for Olivia. It scares me to death. With all her health problems, colds always turn into something bad. So we are keeping her comfortable and lot's of water.
Yesterday she smacked her eye on her own knee. Leave it to my kids to do that.
Soren was feeling a little left out.
Then to add to her beat up look, she has lost a second tooth. She really looks like she's been in a boxing match.

On to a random picture of Lynden Washington. From what people have told me, it was settled by the dutch. Really?
It's a cute little town. Lot's of old dutch buildings.

Last Friday was a crazy day. Soren was home from school sick, Logan hit a skunk and I was having to make extra driving trips to pick up kids. Soren and I got into an argument about whether or not the above picture is of a sheep. He told me sheep don't have horns. I argued until I was blue in the face. Finally I just told him it was a goat and he shut up.
There are so many gorgeous old barn around here. Sometime I need to just drive around and take pictures of just all the barns.
This is the poor skunk.
Or should I say, poor Anna and Logan who had to smell it after the car ran over it.

Saturday we were all working out in the yard. We had the Buster, Nutmeg, and Poppy outside with us to get some exercise. So in case you don't know who that is it's a little dog, bunny and cat.
All of a sudden the eagles come screeching and land just by our shed. All of us panicked, racing around to get all the little animals in the house. It was quite all very comical.

They would watch us and we would watch them. Troy told Olivia that eagles eat little kids too. So off she goes screaming to Soren, " Soren, run inside. They eat small children."
The kids and Troy went back to there chores and I stayed in the yard and just watched.
They are just amazing.

It's been a weird week. Eagles snatching small children, dead skunks and little girl boxing matches.
Welcome to my life.

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Angie said...

I love the pictures Emily! I hope Olivia is well now. I don't know why the comments feature on my blog doesn't work????