28 January 2009

Preschool Playmates.

Enjoying their snack, hot chocolate and muffins.

The playroom was clean when they got here. They had a lot of fun.

They were all saying" cheese!"

Working on their project.

Being silly!

Today was the first time I held Olivia's little preschool-play date group at or house. These are kids from our ward and are all about the same age. Olivia was so excited when she woke up this morning she could hardly stand it. I just recently started to let her be around kids again. I was trying desperately this winter to not let her get pneumonia. She catches things so easily that I am really careful who she is exposed to. A little cold to one kid, is really serious to Olivia. I have to say that she has been really healthy this winter. Probably from all the broccoli she eats!

All the kids are potty trained except for her. Once she saw the kids use the potty she went right in her room, took off her diaper and put panties on. Then she showed all the kids that she had panties on! Not twenty minutes later she wet her undies and wanted a diaper back on. You would think that her being my fifth, that I would know how to potty train a kid! She is so stubborn. At least we have the Bobbie thing over and done with. Gotta love her!

15 January 2009

The Dunow's favorite music.

On the right hand side of our blog I put three videos of our favorite musicians. I should say mostly my favorite, but I force my family to listen to them. The whole family loves Celtic Women. The girls love to play dress up and sing and dance while they watch their DVD. Josh Groban has been in our house since he first came out. Love, love , love his voice. When Soren was just a baby, listening to Josh was the only way to sooth him. Last, but not least is My Michael Buble. I know I have written a lot about him, but it is never enough. I usually have him playing in our home several hours a day. Troy and Logan call him Mikki Bubble Boy. It really gets my goat! Troy is just jealous because he can't sing. (Love you Dear Heart.) Hope this gives you all a chance to fall in love with some great music and performers.

13 January 2009

The Bobbie Fairie

Little Miss Muffet trying to decide what to get.

Eating her favorite food at her favorite restaurant.

Today was a really big day for Olivia. She got rid of all her "Bobbies". For every one's information that means pacifier. She is having her tonsils and adenoids out next month and can't have bobbies anymore, so I thought I should just get it over with. I told her if she put all her bobbies in a bag and we took them to Toys R Us then the Bobbie Fairie would let her pick out a toy. She helped me round up all her Bobbies and we took them down to the toy store and she got a Polly Pocket. It was so cute to see her give the bag to the cash register lady and tell her to give it to the Bobbie Fairie. I almost cried right there in front of everyone. Olivia was so proud of herself. She walked out of the store holding the bag and acting like she was Queen of the world. After that Troy and I took her to her favorite place to eat called Pei Wei. She had her broccoli and chicken. Broccoli is the one thing that Olivia would eat every meal if I let her. We just recently went through about a two week period of time that all she wanted to eat was fresh steamed broccoli. Literally morning, noon and night. I'm surprised she didn't turn green.
It is going to be interesting tonight when she wants her Bobbie to go to sleep. I think things like this are always harder on the parents than the kids. I just can't believe how big she is getting.

04 January 2009

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Looking at the Sting Rays.

Olivia, Soren, Autumn, Blake, Ella, Anna, Logan, Jordan.

Grandma Peggie and Anna.

Ella, Soren, Olivia, Autumn and Anna at the Botanical Gardens.

Riding the little train. Troy, Olivia and Autumn.

Ella, Emily, Olivia, and Anna reaching for the Giraffe.

This is the Chimp that nearly gave Peggie a heart attack.

The kids all having fun.

The polar bears. My favorite.

It was feeding time, so we watched the trainers throw the bears fish.

The girls watching the polar bears get fed.

Yesterday we had an outing to the Zoo and Aquarium. What an event that turned out to be. Grandma Peggie, Troy and I took our 5 kids plus Tara's 3. Tara stayed home sick. We started at the Aquarium. Blake was totally enthralled with the sea turtles. I think out of all the kids Blake enjoyed it the most. After seeing the Sharks and fish we had lunch at the Botanical Gardens. It was a really mild day, perfect for a picnic. The kids all had fun feeding the ducks. We boarded the little train after lunch and it took us to the Zoo. The funniest thing happened while we were there. We were all looking at the Chimps through a window. Peggie was standing at the next window. Suddenly the Chimp jumped over to the window next to Peggie and slapped his hand on it. Peggie must of jumped 2 feet in the air! She also let out quite a squeal. Troy and I thought she was going to have a heart attack. The kids all had fun seeing all the animals. Troy, Peggie and I could hardly keep up with the kids. By the time we rode the train back to the botanical gardens and went home we were all pretty tuckered out. I hope that the kids will remember the outing they had with their cousins and Grandma.

01 January 2009

More fun!

Big Brother Troy with Little Sister Tara. Troy is looking normal.

Cousins Jordan and Logan.

Fun with the Cousins

Olivia, Soren, Autumn, Blake, Ella, Anna, Logan, Jordan.

Playing Football

The girls Ella, Olivia, Anna and Autumn.

Grandma Peggie, Aunt Tara, Cousin Jordan, Cousin Blake and Cousin Autumn are all visiting us right now. The are here from Missouri (long drive) and are staying a week. The kids are all having a total blast. The big thing is air soft guns. They spend most of there time outdoors playing. Its a good thing the weather has been great. The kids all get along and play well together. At first Autumn was a little weary of Olivia. Grandma gave Olivia a pair of tap shoes and they were noisy! Olivia kept following Autumn around and finally Autumn had enough. She told Tara to keep that "Little Tappy Thing" away from her. Since then they have played wonderfully. We just need to put the tap shoes away.
Last night all the kids stayed up. I think some of the kids dropped off to sleep, but most the older kids made it. The house is a bit crazy at times but we love it. Its full of love and a whole lot of laughter.