01 January 2009

Fun with the Cousins

Olivia, Soren, Autumn, Blake, Ella, Anna, Logan, Jordan.

Playing Football

The girls Ella, Olivia, Anna and Autumn.

Grandma Peggie, Aunt Tara, Cousin Jordan, Cousin Blake and Cousin Autumn are all visiting us right now. The are here from Missouri (long drive) and are staying a week. The kids are all having a total blast. The big thing is air soft guns. They spend most of there time outdoors playing. Its a good thing the weather has been great. The kids all get along and play well together. At first Autumn was a little weary of Olivia. Grandma gave Olivia a pair of tap shoes and they were noisy! Olivia kept following Autumn around and finally Autumn had enough. She told Tara to keep that "Little Tappy Thing" away from her. Since then they have played wonderfully. We just need to put the tap shoes away.
Last night all the kids stayed up. I think some of the kids dropped off to sleep, but most the older kids made it. The house is a bit crazy at times but we love it. Its full of love and a whole lot of laughter.

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