13 January 2009

The Bobbie Fairie

Little Miss Muffet trying to decide what to get.

Eating her favorite food at her favorite restaurant.

Today was a really big day for Olivia. She got rid of all her "Bobbies". For every one's information that means pacifier. She is having her tonsils and adenoids out next month and can't have bobbies anymore, so I thought I should just get it over with. I told her if she put all her bobbies in a bag and we took them to Toys R Us then the Bobbie Fairie would let her pick out a toy. She helped me round up all her Bobbies and we took them down to the toy store and she got a Polly Pocket. It was so cute to see her give the bag to the cash register lady and tell her to give it to the Bobbie Fairie. I almost cried right there in front of everyone. Olivia was so proud of herself. She walked out of the store holding the bag and acting like she was Queen of the world. After that Troy and I took her to her favorite place to eat called Pei Wei. She had her broccoli and chicken. Broccoli is the one thing that Olivia would eat every meal if I let her. We just recently went through about a two week period of time that all she wanted to eat was fresh steamed broccoli. Literally morning, noon and night. I'm surprised she didn't turn green.
It is going to be interesting tonight when she wants her Bobbie to go to sleep. I think things like this are always harder on the parents than the kids. I just can't believe how big she is getting.


Melissa said...

that is the sweetest story! thanks for sharing it! i'll have to tell it to my friend...she is trying to get her 3yr old off of the "bobbies" with no luck whatsoever!

The Higbee's said...

Hey! How fun to hear from you.I'm just getting our blog started so hopefully it gets cute like yours soon.Your kids are sooo cute. Paden just turned 12, Garett is 9, Taylor is 7, and Cole is 4.They grow up to fast. Give our love to everyone and keep in touch.

Guyla Thurgood said...

That was such a great idea Emily! Good Job! What an adorable story too.

KevandDiWalkerFamily@blogspot.com said...

Hey, I loved the Bobbi Fairy Story! How sweet...that's a great Blog/Journal entry> Don't you wish they wouldn't grow out of that stage where you can tell them there is a Bobbi Fairy at Toys R Us and they believe you? Good times...Hey Does anyone else in your fam have a blog? I'd like to see what everyone is up to and where everyone is living!
My blog address is http://comeandwalkwithus.blogspot.com/, I can't remember if I told you I've changed the name...Have a great 2009! Di Walker