26 August 2010

The Outdoor Expo.

This last weekend was the Outdoor Expo out at the gun range. Troy had a booth there for the Emergency Scouter.
There are lots of things for the kids to do.
Soren loved learning how to ride a four-wheeler. The instructor was amazing at explaining things to the kids

The kids loaded the cartridges themselves for the gun they would be shooting. All of our children know gun safety. This was the first time for Olivia to be shooting something bigger than a BB gun.

It's a little disturbing to me that Soren knows how to shoot so well. He got this little sparkle in his eyes, creepy. Just joking.

Olivia was in heaven! She was so excited to be doing what the big kids do.

They all loved the rock wall. Soren took off like a rocket. I think I need to get him more involved with climbing. He definitely is a natural.

Ella going up, Anna coming down.

We all learned a little fly tying. The girl who was teaching us was only 11 years old. Amazing. Can you tell how hot and exausted the kids were?

Olivia climbed up on my lap and we tied a fly all by ourselves.
It was a LITTLE difficult doing it with two little hands in with mine.

Little Miss Muffet was so proud of herself.

It was a busy and fun filled day for us. Troy did awesome with his Emergency Scouter booth. I am so proud of him.
Logan helped Troy with the booth on Saturday, but by Sunday he was feeling yucky. The Thurday before he broke his nose and got whiplash from diving into a pool. So he stayed home and rested. I love watching the kids doing the things they love.
I loved watching Olivia shoot the gun for the first time. Although it was a little disturbing to hear her laugh while doing it. There is just something wrong with watching a 4 year old shooting a gun. Even though I ABSOLUTELY DETEST GUNS WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING, I think kids need to know gun safety.

This was the first time I had attended one of these. Troy would take the kids every year. Since he couldn't take the kids around I got stuck with the task. Troy found it very amusing to watch me there with all the hunting stuff around.
I am against hunting.
I don't eat any meat or fish.
I hate guns.
I LOATH camo.
So there I was surrounded by turkey calls, guns and hundreds of men in camo. That just goes to show how much I love my children and my wonderful husband.
(You owe me one Honey Lover)

17 August 2010

Empty nest.

Little Miss Muffet started school today.

She is in preschool half a day.
That means I have no kids at home.
No kids.
All five of them at school.
I cried the whole way home after I dropped her off.

Of course she was thrilled to go to school.
She found her friend right away.

See ya later Mom.

I gave her a kiss and left.
That was it.
No tears from her.
Just me.

Didn't even notice me leaving.

12 August 2010

My greatest Love.

It's our 16th anniversary tomorrow. I am so lucky to have this guy as my husband and best friend.

I even love all of his obsessions.

I love his stretchy pants. (You need to say it like Nacho Libre).

Vous etes mon plus grand amour.

Es mi amor mas grande.

Lei e il mio massimo amore.

My greatest Love.

06 August 2010

Muddy Buddies!

Lauren would climb up in the tree house, but wouldn't stand up.
So dang cute!
Just want to squeeze her.

This is what happens when your yard is not finished being landscaped,
it's hot outside,
the kids are bored and they start playing with water.

This is what kept the kids busy for a long time. Marissa and I just sat back and let the kids roll in the mud like a bunch of pigs on a hot day.

Carly found her spot and wouldn't move. She was so relaxed I was worried that she would fall asleep. It was hysterical. All the other kids were digging and playing, while she just laid there.
I was jealous.

One good thing.
The kids skin got exfoliated.

Gabe and Soren made channels and rivers all over the place.
Typical boys.

I hope these girls marry men with lots of money.
Mud baths get expensive when you grow up.

It was so much fun to sit back and watch the kids cover themselves in mud.
It was more fun to watch Marissa spray the kids off with the hose.

These kids will remember the summer that they got to dig holes and make mud baths. In a couple of weeks they will all start school, the cold weather will come and this will only be a memory.
Until next year.
Maybe next year Marissa and I will join them.