17 August 2010

Empty nest.

Little Miss Muffet started school today.

She is in preschool half a day.
That means I have no kids at home.
No kids.
All five of them at school.
I cried the whole way home after I dropped her off.

Of course she was thrilled to go to school.
She found her friend right away.

See ya later Mom.

I gave her a kiss and left.
That was it.
No tears from her.
Just me.

Didn't even notice me leaving.


Melissa said...

welcome to the club! mine have all been in school for three years now. the first year, i volunteered at the school A LOT. i really needed that year to get used to them all being gone. then i decided that i could either get a pt job, or go to school...so now i am starting my third consecutive year of college. something i never did after hs. i have enjoyed the immense amount of me time i've had...so much so that summers have a huge adjustment period since i'm not used to them all being around all the time. =) this is the time you get in return for never getting any sleep/showers/housework done/etc for all the years when they were babies. =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this with me. I have a major addiction to blogs. It all started last year when I was out for a month on medical leave. I come home everyday after school and unwind by "bloggin' out" as my boyfriend calls it. ha! Olivia has grown so much since April, she looks like a big girl and lost her baby look....so sweet! I saw Carly in some pictures, she is in my afternoon class. Just so you know...Olivia tells me everyday around 9:45 (seriously!) that she misses you and is ready to go home. Sweet girl, I'm so lucky to have her in my class.