28 September 2009

It's about time.

The Rio Rancho Fire Department were brave enough to come show the Scouts the fire trucks.

Little boys dream about being a firefighter.

Soren got a little distracted by my camera. Ham!

Soren and Gabe standing at attention for the flag ceremony.

This was his first time wearing his Tiger Cub shirt. He is so dang proud of himself.

OK guys. I think they did this on purpose. You have to admit that they were being pretty funny.

One day Soren will forgive me for pointing this out. Look how the hat makes his ears fold down. He has the yummiest ears. I love to chew on them, they are so pliable. You know soft and squishy. Never mind.

For the past several years Soren has tagged along with Troy and Logan when they are doing scouting. We promised him that when he was in the first grade he could join the Tiger Cubs. He is in Pack 714 that meet at their school. Troy and I ended up being recruited to be the Den Leaders. Yay me. Soren's friend Gabe is in it with him. I am hoping that we are able to get some more boys in the den. The more the merrier. Is that possible with a bunch of 6 year olds?

The pictures on this post is of the Pack Meeting that was on the 23rd of this month. The Rio Rancho Fire Department came and showed the boys all about the trucks and the gear. Troy followed the fireman around like a puppy dog. He kept oogeling the first aid gear. He pointed out to me the "really cool first aid scissors" that one of the guys was carrying around on his belt. I was following the Firemen around for another reason. Dang there was some really hot looking guys there. Get it...hot. No, really some of the guys were really good looking. I asked Troy if the Firemen would do first aid on me if I pulled my bum muscle. He wasn't amused. I really think I need to look into Troy getting a Fireman uniform. Hmmmm.

26 September 2009

GO # 86!

Logan at the end of the game. Soren ran out on the field to run with him. So cute.

One of Anna's best friends Ami. She is a cheerleader this year. It was a lot of fun to watch her cheer.

Don't ask me what they were doing because I have no idea.

The kids playing with their friends during the game.

Lemonade, ice tea, coca-cola, pepsi. Turn around, touch the ground, kick your boyfriend out of town and freeze........

I made Logan pose for a picture before he left to school. They were their jerseys to school on game day.

On the 17th of September Logan had his first football game. This is his first year playing and he is doing awesome! It is a little nerve racking for me, but I think that is only normal for Moms. His second game he was sidelined because of a concussion. It wasn't because of football though. He was jumping over the fence to take out a garbage and fell over the fence. On the way down he hit his head and face on a table. He got pretty banged up. He had to sit out of P.E. and football for a whole week and it just about did him in. Logan is doing fine now and back to football practice. His next game is against his old Middle school so it should be interesting.

12 September 2009

She is a Young Woman now.

I had taken Anna and Logan to the park when she was just a few days old. September 1997.

Anna was a very fussy baby. She had colic until she was about 5 months old. The only way she would settle down was to let her suck on my pinky finger. Let me tell you how hard that was to take care of a 2 year old while having a baby either nursing constantly or attached to my finger.

Anna was so excited to have a real live baby doll to play with. Poor Ella was hauled around by Anna all the time. There were several times that Ella had gone missing and Anna would have taken Ella and put her in Anna's doll cradle. It was a blessing that Ella was not a cranky baby.

Notice her short hair. One day Logan took Anna into the bathroom and cut off both of Anna's ponytails. I was not happy at all. I could hardly be mad when all they were doing was playing "beauty parlor."

Christmas of 2005.

April of 2006 Anna had a 50's day at school. She was so excited because she got to wear makeup.

October of 2007. All the last of the Cosmo's are blooming, a perfect background for Anna.

Anna got her first "layered" haircut. July 2008.

March of 2009. This was taken right before they left for a Young Marine encampment.

Anna along with Daddy, Logan, Ella and their friend Dylan got to play victims at the Rail Runner Mock disaster trial. Anna went representing the Young Marines.

Two years and 3 days after Logan was born Anna came into the world. She is named after my Mother Anna, and also her middle name after Troy's mother, Peggie Louise. She was a cranky baby for a about 5 months. Then it was like overnight she turned into this sweet little angel. She has always been a shy reserved girl always wanting to make other feel comfortable. People always comment on what a sweet quiet thing she is. We always tell them back, just don't cross her. If you cross Anna, watch your back because SHE WILL GET YOU! Troy says that she takes after me. He really has no idea what he is talking about.

Anna joined the Young Marines and has excelled at it. We think that it is the perfect fit for her. She has over come some fears like talking in front of people and meeting new people. She has been repelling, learned how to shoot a gun and crossed a canyon on a rope.

Last year she was on the Honor roll and did great at school. We are so proud to have Anna as our daughter. She is an amazing help. I love to watch her with the dogs. There is such a huge connection there. She was absolutely devastated when Curly passed away a couple of months ago.

I am enjoying and dreading her growing up. It is all happening so fast. She has started to wear a little makeup. She is so beautiful. We love you Anna. Happy Birthday Anna Dear!

09 September 2009

My first born turns 14.

The day Logan (Yoda) was born. All scrawny 6lbs. 14 oz. of him. Out of all of my kids, he gave me my hardest labor. 22 hours.

Taking a nap with Daddy.

Visiting the beach in California when he was 2 years old.

When we got Curly.

Grandma Fowler made him this Obi-Wan costume for him. He lived in this robe for 2 years. Grandpa Fowler was Obi-Don Conobi. Logan really thought that Grandpa was a Jedi.

One of the years that Logan attempted to play soccer. He was a day dreamer during the games and we would often catch him skipping down the field or giving the team the ball so " they could have a turn with the ball."

Any chance that Logan can get to play on the computer, even if that means sharing a turn with Soren.

This is a Logan pose. He now puts his arm on my shoulder because......he can!

Logan has always been very active in the scouting program.

Nice GQ. pose Logan.

Logan likes to pull pranks like his father. He thought he was being so dang funny doing this. He even was laughing at himself. Wow, he is so much like his father.

Logan loves the outdoors. This picture he is showing off his height. Picture taken in March of this year.

I think I will call this "King of the Mountain."

This is from this summer up in Utah. Logan and his cousin Maddie got a hold of the camera and took tons of pictures of themselves trying to get the best Facebook profile picture. How funny is that.

Happy Birthday Logan. I was just telling my Mom that I don't feel old enough to have a 14 year old son. I am only 34 for heaven sakes. I guess that is what happens when you get married young then precede to have a family right away. Duh. I am so blessed by having such an amazing son. This teenage stage is not my favorite, but he is a good kid. This is his first year playing football and we are so proud of him.

Logan has a funny sense of humor and loves to mess around. Sometimes I have to put Troy and him in timeout because they both act like little children teasing each other. He has always been very responsible for his school work and been on the honor roll.

Happy Birthday Logan!

04 September 2009

What the .........?

The kids all had sore throats and the sniffles this week and stayed home from school for a couple of days. I should correct that. Logan tuffed it out so he wouldn't miss football practice. Soren had it worse than the rest of the kids and felt pretty yucky. Like always when the kids are home I am running around the house trying to get a thousand things done. I went walking by the family room and glimpsed something green sitting on my couch. There Soren was with Olivia watching TV. He was a little loopy from the allergy medicine I had given him. Can you tell? I promise I really did not overdose him. He just looks it. I still don't know why he was wearing the dragon costume. I guess he just felt like it in his allergy medicine induced stupor. Poor little thing. Olivia was just there giving him some moral support. Gotta love little sisters.

There was a good ending to my hellish week taking care of sick kids. They did get better and went back to school. I am still running around the house trying to get everything done. I only pray that this "thing" that Soren was doing was just brought on by being ill. We all hope so.