28 September 2009

It's about time.

The Rio Rancho Fire Department were brave enough to come show the Scouts the fire trucks.

Little boys dream about being a firefighter.

Soren got a little distracted by my camera. Ham!

Soren and Gabe standing at attention for the flag ceremony.

This was his first time wearing his Tiger Cub shirt. He is so dang proud of himself.

OK guys. I think they did this on purpose. You have to admit that they were being pretty funny.

One day Soren will forgive me for pointing this out. Look how the hat makes his ears fold down. He has the yummiest ears. I love to chew on them, they are so pliable. You know soft and squishy. Never mind.

For the past several years Soren has tagged along with Troy and Logan when they are doing scouting. We promised him that when he was in the first grade he could join the Tiger Cubs. He is in Pack 714 that meet at their school. Troy and I ended up being recruited to be the Den Leaders. Yay me. Soren's friend Gabe is in it with him. I am hoping that we are able to get some more boys in the den. The more the merrier. Is that possible with a bunch of 6 year olds?

The pictures on this post is of the Pack Meeting that was on the 23rd of this month. The Rio Rancho Fire Department came and showed the boys all about the trucks and the gear. Troy followed the fireman around like a puppy dog. He kept oogeling the first aid gear. He pointed out to me the "really cool first aid scissors" that one of the guys was carrying around on his belt. I was following the Firemen around for another reason. Dang there was some really hot looking guys there. Get it...hot. No, really some of the guys were really good looking. I asked Troy if the Firemen would do first aid on me if I pulled my bum muscle. He wasn't amused. I really think I need to look into Troy getting a Fireman uniform. Hmmmm.

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