04 October 2009

Sweet thangs.

We took pictures of the kids too.

I was trying to relax. With kids and dogs in the house there is no such thing as relaxing but it is all worth it.

Something caught their attention.

Our beautiful Izzie Girl. I think she was actually smiling at us.

Molly Mae. This is her typical Diva attitude she gives us. Much more of a drama queen than the other dogs.

Doesn't Fred just have the yummiest face ever. He is such a snuggle bug. He wants attention all the time and there are 5 kids in the house always willing to give it to him.

I thought I would put some pictures of the dogs up so you could see how big they are getting. Their personalities are so funny and we are enjoying them so much. They have wrecked my herb garden, chewed up dozens of things, eat tons of food yet we still love them. I was talking about the dogs there not my kids. Although the kids have done all of the above too, yet we still love them. Our house is busy, crazy, loud and most of the time messy. It is a good thing we love eachother.

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