30 January 2011

Just right!

We found some glasses that fit that cute little face!
She was dresses up in a leotard for her friends B-day party.
Don't worry it was at a gymnastics place.

How cute is she?

26 January 2011

Not quite right.

The glasses that she picked out turned out to be to big for her sweet little face. So we took them back and are waiting for her new pair that are MUCH smaller.
I know this is not the best picture of our Little Miss Muffet. She had been crying because of her fever and has tape residue on her face from her sleep study. She just hadn't been having a great day.
On top of that she had a hurt hand. A while ago she had gotten a deep scrape on her wrist. Now that it is starting to heal it keeps splitting open because it's right on the crease of her wrist.
Her skin is so sensitive it breaks out in a rash when we put band aids on it, so there is the reason for the big ol' bandage.

15 January 2011

And the race is on....

Soren had his pinewood derby race today. He designed and painted the car himself.
The car's name....

He came in 4th in his group.
It is so funny to watch these things. The parents get more into it than the kids.
You can definitely tell which father's or grandfather's "built" the cars.
I just say let the kids be freakin' kids.

It was fun to watch the boys from out den. They all did a great job!

Soren got hold of the camera and took some pictures of his car.
I am so proud of you Soren. You did a great job.