28 September 2008

The Dunow's go to church.......together.







This was the first time in about three months that we have all gone to church together.  With Olivia being sick most of the time I usually stay at home with her.  Troy sometimes stay home with her, but it is usually me.  Even if she is feeling well I like to keep her home so she does not catch anything.  She threw such a fit this morning wanting to go to nursery I gave in to her.  She packed her little purse for church and put her bobbie (pacifier) in it.  There are times she can be so cute and times I just want to pinch her! 

As you can tell by Soren's picture he is wearing an old bolo tie.  Grandma Fowler gave it to him in a box of " treasures" for Christmas and he loves to wear it to church. Thanks a lot Mom!  Notice how tall Logan is.  I am wearing heels in the family picture and he is still taller than me.  Hope you like the pictures.  It was such a momentous occasion to have all of us dressed up and ready for church I just had to have it documented for posterity. HaHaHa.

27 September 2008

Fall Banner

This morning I was in need of some quiet time so I locked myself in the craft room and made something. I had seen on a blog a fall banner made out of scrapbooking paper so I decided to make one. It only took about an hour. The family likes it so that is what counts. When I took the picture of it and was looking at it on the computer I realized how dusty my pans on my pot rack were. Just don't look very close!

" I'm watching you."

Ella and I were messing around with the camera today and took some pictures of me. As I was going through them I thought it would be funny just to see my eyes. So I cropped my face to be just my eyes and sent my sister Jana an e-mail that said "I'm watching you" Obviously I had way to much time on my hands and was completely bored because I found it to be so dang hilarious. Later Jana called laughing her head off. It must of been one of those sister things because nobody else found it at all funny, or else everyone who does not think it funny are complete nimrods!

22 September 2008

First day of Fall!





This is my favorite time of year.  Being in New Mexico, the Autumn is especially beautiful.  The weather is cool in the morning but warm up to a tolerable temperature in the afternoon.  When evening roles along and we are enjoying the outside the temperature is cool and perfect.  The family spends most of our extra time outdoors this time of year.  Most of all I love the colors.  I love to decorate the house in fall foliage, it warms up the house so much.  The big downfall is that the kids love to bring me pretty leaves and we end up with scrunched up leaves all over the house.

In the pictures, I made a table runner and filled a bowl with some fall pumpkins and leaves.  The gourd garland, Anna helped me make.  Mom Fowler sent me a bunch of little gourds.  All I did was drill holes in them, string them with wire and tie ribbon between each one.  Thanks for the gourds Mom!

21 September 2008

Logan plays Star Wars.

I know I am doing these blogs out of date but that just goes with my life. On the 15th of September at midnight a new Star Wars game came out. One of the local game stores was having a Star Wars party to promote it. I let Logan go with his best friend Dylan and his dad Dennis. They got to see all sorts of really cool costumes and get free stuff. They had a really good time. Logan did not get home until 1:00 am in the morning. I told him that he better not complain one word about being tiered the next morning when we woke him up for school. I was amazed he got up and got ready for school with out one word of complaint. He was just so excited he could go, he hardly knew what to do with himself. Right now I am a pretty cool Mom because I let my 13 year old son stay out until 1:00 am on a school night. Anyone who knows me that is totally out of character for me to let my children do anything like that, but you have to understand this was a STAR WARS thing. I started collecting Star Wars toys for Logan before he was even born. This was an event that he will always remember.

Anna Has A sleep over for her Birthday

100_1656  100_1659  100_1655100_1660100_1680

Anna turned 11 on the 12the of September so I let her have a sleep over on the 19th.  What was I thinking? 7 squealing 10 and 11 year old girls is about to drive anyone insane.  They did not go to sleep until 2 in the morning.  I have decided that Each of my kids will be able to have one big sleep over party only once, because that's all I can handle.  Anna did have a great time with all her girlfriends.  It is amazing how grown up these girls act one minute then the next they have their favorite stuffed animal out to sleep with.  We did laugh a lot at all the girls antics though.  Over all I think it really well. I just hope I don't do one for a few more years.

13 September 2008

Olivia plays house.



On Friday morning I was trying to get some chores done and Olivia would not leave me alone. She wanted to play with her bunnies.  So being very desperate to get anything done I let her bring them into the kitchen and play house with them.  They were her babies.  The bunnies names are Brownie and Mr. Nibbles, but she calls him Mrs. Bunny.  How funny is that?  The poor little things just put up with all her mauling and hauling around.  I did however get the dishes done!

11 September 2008

Feeling lost

Since the 4 older kids have gone back to school I have been all out of sorts. It's just Olivia at home now. She wants me to entertain her now because she has no one to play with. I can't put her in a play group because of her immune system. It feels like I watch Little Bear all day long. Then there is the fact that I have so much to do but I just don't want to do it! I walk around the house over and over again going where do I start? I think this is just going to take some time to adjust to one kid at home. It's been like forever. If you want, you can give me advise on how to get it together. What ever "it" is.

09 September 2008

I made Olivia a couple of things to keep her occupied while her siblings are at school and while she is at the doctors office. First I made her a crayon roll. I will post the web site that I found the pattern on. Then I made her a little holder for her paper and markers. I put a little pocket in it also for sticker and stuff. So far she loves it! Now Soren wants one. I think it will be perfect for church. Notice in the picture Olivia has chocolate on her face at 9:00 in the morning. While I was getting the girls hair fixed she got into the cookies.
We got some test results back on her condition. She has a swallowing and chewing disorder that makes her aspirate her food and drink. She is going to have to have feeding therapy, kinda like speech therapy. They are going to have to train her how to swallow and chew properly. At home we are having to change the way we feed her. It's like feeding a baby again. Needless to say she is not very happy with us. This should help her asthma. We upped her reflux med to try to help also. One of our biggest fights right now is trying to get her to wear her oxygen at night. Negotiating with an almost three year old, NOT!

05 September 2008

I love this picture! This is of Olivia and her friend Carly. We were walking home from taking the kids to school. I had them in the wagon but they wanted to walk. They are just a couple months apart in age and they play so well together. I watched Carly while her mommy was in the hospital having her baby. It was so much fun to watch the little girls play with the bunnies and play house. They did get into some mischief though. They emptied the pin cushion all over the craft room, got into my makeup and dumped bunny food all over the patio. I could not get mad at them because they are so dang cute!