21 September 2008

Logan plays Star Wars.

I know I am doing these blogs out of date but that just goes with my life. On the 15th of September at midnight a new Star Wars game came out. One of the local game stores was having a Star Wars party to promote it. I let Logan go with his best friend Dylan and his dad Dennis. They got to see all sorts of really cool costumes and get free stuff. They had a really good time. Logan did not get home until 1:00 am in the morning. I told him that he better not complain one word about being tiered the next morning when we woke him up for school. I was amazed he got up and got ready for school with out one word of complaint. He was just so excited he could go, he hardly knew what to do with himself. Right now I am a pretty cool Mom because I let my 13 year old son stay out until 1:00 am on a school night. Anyone who knows me that is totally out of character for me to let my children do anything like that, but you have to understand this was a STAR WARS thing. I started collecting Star Wars toys for Logan before he was even born. This was an event that he will always remember.

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