22 September 2008

First day of Fall!





This is my favorite time of year.  Being in New Mexico, the Autumn is especially beautiful.  The weather is cool in the morning but warm up to a tolerable temperature in the afternoon.  When evening roles along and we are enjoying the outside the temperature is cool and perfect.  The family spends most of our extra time outdoors this time of year.  Most of all I love the colors.  I love to decorate the house in fall foliage, it warms up the house so much.  The big downfall is that the kids love to bring me pretty leaves and we end up with scrunched up leaves all over the house.

In the pictures, I made a table runner and filled a bowl with some fall pumpkins and leaves.  The gourd garland, Anna helped me make.  Mom Fowler sent me a bunch of little gourds.  All I did was drill holes in them, string them with wire and tie ribbon between each one.  Thanks for the gourds Mom!

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