28 September 2008

The Dunow's go to church.......together.







This was the first time in about three months that we have all gone to church together.  With Olivia being sick most of the time I usually stay at home with her.  Troy sometimes stay home with her, but it is usually me.  Even if she is feeling well I like to keep her home so she does not catch anything.  She threw such a fit this morning wanting to go to nursery I gave in to her.  She packed her little purse for church and put her bobbie (pacifier) in it.  There are times she can be so cute and times I just want to pinch her! 

As you can tell by Soren's picture he is wearing an old bolo tie.  Grandma Fowler gave it to him in a box of " treasures" for Christmas and he loves to wear it to church. Thanks a lot Mom!  Notice how tall Logan is.  I am wearing heels in the family picture and he is still taller than me.  Hope you like the pictures.  It was such a momentous occasion to have all of us dressed up and ready for church I just had to have it documented for posterity. HaHaHa.

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