04 October 2008

The Balloons are coming!

Every year during the first week in October there is the International Balloon Fiesta and Albuquerque New Mexico.  Even though we are in Rio Ranch are house is located really close to the Balloon Fiesta Park.  For about a week we get balloons in are back yard practically.  they fly right over our house and sometimes they will land in the park that is behind our house.  The kids love having the balloons come close because the people who are in the balloons will wave to them.  Curly and Izzie are a whole other story.  they both hate the balloons and the noise they make.  Either they are hiding or they are barking at them.  On Friday before school started this balloon flew right over our house and ended up landing in the kids school play ground.  They kids got to see it land and be deflated.



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