19 October 2008

First Aid

In our household, a good first aid kit is a must. Troy and I have tried all kinds of kits and bags but have never found one that suits us just right. We had found a roll up first aid kit on the web and decided to try one. This is a first try of one. I used an old sheet so I did not waste any good fabric if it did not turn out. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and it did not take me long to sew it. For my next one there are going to be a few minor adjustments. I could just roll it up and throw it into a bag.
Yesterday Troy and Logan were gone all day at a Scout first aid day camp. When Troy got home he was in a lot of pain from an ingrown toenail. It had been bothering him for some time but it ended up getting a severe infection. I ended up dragging him to the ER and had them remove his toenail. It was really neat to watch. Troy almost passed out when the Doctor was numbing his toe. I just kept reminding Troy that I have had 5 epidurals to have 5 of his children, so he could handle a few shots in the toe. Troy has a high pain threshold so I was surprised to see him get all pale and shaky. He got through it OK and is home with his foot up. The Doctor said his toe would be numb for about 4 to 6 hours but it is 4:30 the next day and he still has no feeling in his toe. Maybe that is not such a bad thing.
Just about an hour ago I got to use my first aid kit. Logan crashed his bike AGAIN! I know it is hard to believe. I swear, that kid has the worst luck when it comes to bikes or scooters. I don't know why he even attempts to ride them. I was really nice to just roll out the kit and have everything where I needed it. Logan is fine, he will have a few more scares to ad to his already impressive collection.

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Melissa said...

Hey Emily,

That is a really cool first aid kit! I'm a little like you with the sewing...why buy it, when I can use an old sheet to make my own...lol! I do that all the time...just with different ideas of course! =)