25 October 2008

My "Michael Buble" fix.

Sometimes I need to relive my night that I had with Michael Buble.  Don't worry, Troy does not get jealous.


This is the picture of me when I found out we were on the second row.


Ya, I know, he is so awesome!


Ok, you have to realize this was last May.  Marissa and I were acting like love struck teenagers. Notice the lady sitting in front of us.  Geriatric!



This was when he was singing the song "You and I" to me.  Just joking.  If any of you have a chance to go and see him live, take it.  It was a really fun concert.  As you can see I am still all googly eyed over it and it has been about 5 months.

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Debbie Juarez said...

That picture of Marissa looks just like the time I took her to New Kids on The Block! :)