04 October 2008


The first things out of Little Miss Muffets mouth every morning is "watch Little Bear".  She is obsessed with Little Bear on Noggin or Nick Jr. I can't remember which one.  We have recorded them on our DVR so she can watch them any time.  Once the kids go to school in the morning she comes right home and starts watching again.  One of her favorite places to sit is on the arm of the couch.  I think it is so funny because she could be like that for hours if I let her.  Olivia does not feel well a lot of them time so I will just keep Little Bear playing most of the time.

One night she was laying in bed with Troy and I and she said I was Mother Bear, Troy was Father Bear, Soren was Mitzi, Ella was Duck, Anna was Hen, Logan was Owl, Curly was Cat and Izzy was Tutu.  Of course her best friend Carly was Emily.  It was the cutest thing because she had thought it all out.  So if any of you have not seen Little Bear, sit yourselves down and take a peek at it.  It really is a sweet and magical show! 100_1702


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