28 October 2008

Silly Soren

This year Soren is in Kindergarten. He has a fantastic teacher named Mrs. Remiker. She was also Ella's Kindergarten teacher. The Teacher's Aid in Soren's class is Mrs. Livingston. I think these two ladies deserve some amazing award to be able to have Soren in their class. Soren is very smart and a smartaleck. He is always telling some story( most not true) or harassing somebody. I have to say he has a huge heart and is very tender when he wants to be.
Last night for his homework he was suppose to find 2 things in the house that start with the letter "N". He walked around the house and looked and looked. He asked the kids and he asked Troy and I. Finally with big brother Logan's help he came up with 2 "N" things to draw. Neutered dog(Curly) and Noise (all the Dunow kids). How dang hilarious is that. I was so tiered by then I just let him do it. I don't know what his teachers are going to think when they see his homework today and find his "N" pictures. I hope they have a good laugh about it. The one thing I did do was to talk to Soren and tell him he could not go around and tell everyone what neutered meant. I wish our scanner worked but it is broken down right now. The pictures of Curly and the kids were pretty funny. We love our Soren!


Melissa said...

that IS dang hilarious! My #4 is that way! He was supposed to draw 3 somethings from around the house that come in different sizes (like bowls, or cups, or shoes) My 6 year old chose to draw 3 different sizes of Frosted Flakes! Love it!

Southwestmom05 said...

Hi Dunow bunch,
Yes, we got a good laugh about the "n" pictures! Soren makes us smile and laugh every day! :) I love your website!
Mrs. Remiker