01 November 2008

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween this year the 3 girls were black cats. I thought I was being pretty clever until it was completely dark out side and we were trick-or-treating. We could not see the girls at all, they just blended in to the dark! What a good and safe parent I am. Then there was Soren. He wanted to be an Army guy, so we dressed him up in his camo and painted his face in camo. That wasn't the smartest idea either. Once it got dark we couldn't see him at all. That's what happens when Mom comes up with smart ideas. We let Logan go off with his friends this year. He thought he was pretty cool! He decided to dress up as an Idaho Red Neck. The sad thing was he looked like a couple of my brothers. (Love ya guys.) We were laughing pretty hard! Overall I think the kids had a good time. I just need to survive the next few days of the kids gorging on candy and then I am going to throw it away.

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