14 November 2008

Nama and Papa

The kids have had so much fun with my Mom and Dad here this past week. They left to go home yesterday and Olivia cried. She wanted Nama and Papa to come back and play with her. She really took to them this time and wanted them to hold her all the time. Nama even got her to sleep a couple of times! The kids loved hearing them tell stories about their childhood every night before bed. This is something that they will always remember. This time while they were here, Grandma taught Ella and Anna how to embroider. The girls are so excited to learn they hardly put their sampler down. They keep saying how they want to get really good at it so Grandma will be proud. We also spent some time outside at the park and watched the kids play. Most of all we did a lot of laughing. I am very thankful that my parents are healthy and are able to come and visit. I am most thankful that my kids are able to know their Grandparents.

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