04 November 2008

Great job kids!!

The kids had their parent teacher conferences and received their report cards this week. I am very pleased to report that they did awesome. Last week Anna was presented with Honor roll at her school. She has worked really hard to achieve the grades that she got. I am really proud of her determination. Both Ella and Soren's grades were great. At their grade levels they don't get letter grades they get number grades. Logan got all A's and one B. Instead of being on princibles honor roll he is just on the regular honor roll. He was really upset, but we are really proud of him. We keep telling our kids that all that matters is how hard you try. If you feel like you did your best, then you should be proud of your self. All their teachers think the world of the kids, which makes me happy. No behavior problems this year-Yahoo.
Over all I think the kids did an exemplary job at school. Our family all loves to read and we feel like we could never have enough books. I really think that has to do with their success in school.

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