30 November 2008

Happy Birthday Troy!

This is Troy trying to pose like Nacho Libre. He thought he was being really funny. He tries!

Today Troy turned 37. When did we get so old? I remember when I was a teenager, I thought that the 30's were old. Well here we are. I wanted to write the 10 things that I love most about Troy.

10. He know how to use tools.
9. He irons the clothes.
8. He loves the outdoors (camping, hiking)
7. Is a great cook.
6. He listens to my fashion advise.
5. Extremely good looking.
4. Laughs at his own jokes.
3. Is the best dad the our kids.
2. Is a fabulous husband.
1. He thinks I am beautiful.

Over all he is a pretty incredible guy. I got really lucky when I snagged him for myself. Happy Birthday Honey.

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